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Title: Update 1.4.015
Post by: Bytebreaker on 25 September 2018, 12:03:12
+ Fixed some crashes when switching between windows with the ALT+TAB  combination and in other cases.
+ Fixed errors of the multiplayer mode at the cross-platform game Windows/MacOS.
+ Fixed: for players in multiplayer game, except the creator of the server, animals could quit cells and farms.
+ Corrected effects when use some equipment. For example, the cap of the shaman didn't increase ability of the magician.
+ Fixed: the dwarf with the swimmer ability does not sink in a lava and does not receive damage from it.
+ Fixed cancellation of process of a training of the dwarf.
+ Fixed: archer towers didn't attack ghosts.
+ Fixed: at restart of level the siege mode remained active.
+ Fixed animation of dwarves when using a pickaxe.
+ Fixed: ashes could be removed only after removal of the background block.
+ Fixed: many-tier beds could stand on heaps of ashes at combustion of the lower tiers.
+ Fixed gathering of loot by dwarves in biomes near a stockpile.
+ Other minor fixes and improvements.
Title: Pre-eminence squalid output instruction
Post by: GeraldGype on 09 February 2020, 23:26:00
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