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Title: chest-idea
Post by: ReneMiner on 12 January 2015, 18:03:54
chests currently only are for player to loot in tombs and give a little bit of comfort, i got some use in mind that will help reduce the amount of resources laying around and also make the players want to craft these chests:

If place a wooden chest adjacent to a workbench, then items that get crafted at this workbench land in that "magical" chest and are instantly at the stockpile available then and no more dwarf has to carry the crafted items around.

place a metal chest adjacent to a smithy - then crafted stuff from this smithy goes into this chest/directly to stockpile.

crafting-station needs chest placed 2 blocks distance from stations center-block.
remove comfort from chests then i'd say...
perhaps stations could share a chest - but it were understandeable to need one chest per station.
for the other crafting stations it'll still work as it does currently - or you have an idea... maybe add a stone-chest & flour-sack for workshop & millstone? A potions-cabinet for the lab?  Auto-fill adjacent tables at kitchens until tables are filled up?
Title: Re: chest-idea
Post by: Annieway on 13 January 2015, 15:28:04
It's an interesting idea  :)
Title: Re: chest-idea
Post by: Camarapk on 10 August 2015, 16:40:40
Yes, a message has to be used to study a lot.