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Latest updates / Update 1.5.000
« on: 21 December 2018, 17:43:28 »
List of changes:
+ Added a dialog to set priorities for dwarves tasks. In a compact version of the dialogue, the player can choose one of the following options: preparation for the battle - focus on the manufacture of weapons; resource collection - extraction and transfer of collected resources; balanced mode and custom. In the extended dialogue player can change settings for each of the modes in order to customize the behavior of the dwarves at his wish.
+ Now in the "sandbox" mode recipes for items fall out in accordance with their presence in the technology tree. The same applies to items that can be crafted knowing the recipe but not yet found it in the game.
+ Reduced trees cut down time.
+ Fixed: the stonecutter refused to work in the workshop even if he wasn't busy and the task was transferred to another dwarf.
+ Fixed: the wrong weapon fell out from the cave goblins.
+ Fixed: the orcs skeletons did not appear from the underground graves.
+ Fixed: in a multiplayer game several gargoyle appeared from the statue while activation.
+ Fixed some crash issues.
+ Other minor fixes and improvements.
Game modifications:
+ Added the ability to create modifications of the game using a special editor. It allows you to add new blocks, items, weapons and armor, create secret rooms, change the technology tree, etc.
You can download mods from the page in the Steam Workshop. You can activate downloaded mods in the main menu of the game.
+ New mod is available in the Star Wars setting with hundreds of new items and a completely new technology tree.
+ New mod available with new blocks, secret rooms and fishman's armor set.

Latest updates / Update for beta-version 1.2.008b.
« on: 05 April 2016, 17:57:18 »
Update for beta-version 1.2.008b.

+ Attack strength of the queen bug is reduced by 30% and her health is increased by 30%.
+ Fixed: some cases at which dwarves passed through the Beware Sign.
+ Fixed: generation of the biomes chests in the air.
+ Fixed: the queen bug could disappear from its cave after retreat of the dwarves.
+ Fixed: the queen bug could spawn eggs in the air.
+ Fixed: looted chests looked closed.
+ Pathfinding of dwarves was improved.

Dev Blog / 1.0.007b
« on: 05 February 2015, 17:49:43 »
Hello everyone!

Hope I'll write in this blog more frequently.

Despite the fact that the creation of a fourth world trench upon almost all our time, we've prepared a hotfixes.
We've fixed the most popular bugs - a bug with hair growth of sheep and the bug when archers could not kill an animal on the farm.
Also it contains some AI fixes.
But there is also some surprises! Learn more in the coming days in the beta test...

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