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Bug Reports / Placing/replacing-AI v 1.1.010
« on: 04 September 2015, 18:09:06 »
There are some different issues concerning placing/replacing blocks, especially when using the portal-spell on surface.

Once in a while a dwarf walks to a block that shall be replaced without any resource in his inventory, then he performs the replacing but in fact he does not replace the block, it's just the task that gets deleted then. (Portal-time used up for nothing :( )

More often and very annoying/ portal-time-killing when placing new/replacing blocks on surface. Dwarves pick a resource from stockpile, go through portal to construction-area. In meantime other dwarves already placed other new blocks.
The dwarf with the resource to (re)place comes to the position that does not meet his plans any more. Then he returns to stockpile without doing a job.

Try out: flatten surface by filling obstacles with dirt. Use portal-spell. Usage of scaffolding reduces the effect but does not prevent from it.

Please make dwarves "re-think" the way if they reach a point that's not on their plan instead of walking back to stockpile

Bug Reports / Scaffolding falls through a closed iron hatch
« on: 27 August 2015, 01:27:40 »
If placing scaffolding onto an iron hatch the scaffolding will fall through it, no matter if hatch closed or not. Happens on iron hatch- wooden hatch not tested

Suggestions / Game-Versions-Info inside main.pak
« on: 09 April 2015, 13:17:39 »
This is not a gaming suggest but more about modding the game in a clean, "plugIn"-alike manner.

I've not found a versions-info anywhere in the main.pak - i hope i did not oversee it.

It were very helpful if the main.pak would contain a small (text-)file containing the games version-number this main.pak belongs to.

Currently modders mostly supply the whole modified main.pak that has to be renewed with each new version when the game updates.
If they would instead only have to supply the data to exchange, it were possible to use a mod on a new version of the game - even if it's author has not made a new version of it yet.
Also it would allow to use multiple mods at once.

Such small textfile as "Version.txt"
containing only something alike
Code: [Select]

inside the main.pak would be great help to keep overview about the main.pak's on the system, also in backing them up etc.
It should not be game-relevant file - just informative, so i might make my editor to append something to the file as adding included modifications name on a new line. 

General Discussion / More games of Dekovir-Team?
« on: 30 March 2015, 16:04:55 »
Are there any other games available that are made by your team?   

Suggestions / Chairs
« on: 23 March 2015, 12:05:30 »
We had some "brainstorming" in the Steam-forums over the weekend.
A good idea resulted - i exclude it here

 a use for chairs, simple, straight, equal to bed-rules:

dwarves like to have a chairs for eating
 ( no sitting animation required - do not eat chairs  ;D )

A valid chair has to be placed next to a table inside the shelter.

If a dwarf goes to eat and there is a free chair for him then he will put his pillow onto the seat as dwarves do with their bundle next to the bed.
Then he will eat as usual from all of the tables, no matter where his chair is.

this dwarf has an own chair inside the shelter, next to a a table.
No other conditions.

If a dwarf has a chair then his personal "overtime-satiety-decrement" gets lowered, depending on chairs-quality.
If dwarf has no chair then nothing changes.

= chair upgrades food-quality, dwarves with a good chair need less often food.

Perhaps exclude armchairs & sofas ( no "chair"-property) and add some new luxury chairs with fabrics or leather for the seats

these could influence the health-regeneration when dwarves idle.

Suggestions / additional world ideas
« on: 18 March 2015, 16:23:10 »
The 4th world is already in progress and as fas as i know it will be a fantasy/dungeon-world.

I think some of you had the idea already to

 have a jungle-world or rainforest theme?

Somewhat similar to desert-world there could be either pyramids of aztecs/inca or far south eastern "angkor vat"-alike sunken temple-ruins.
-  i'd prefer the aztec/inca-theme simply because of the block-architecture.

The aztec warriors (undead, skeletons, mummy-replacement) in the ruins could wear some stylish helmets, necklaces or bracelets (golden weapons & breastplates for the bosses/highpriests?  ;D )   

There could be special jungle-flora that will also block the path so no dwarv can pass by, would not need a backwall to grow on but some surface block below and needs as long as a tree to log - depending on used tool. Jungle-flora could be a mixture of tree & bushes, more than 1 block height.

some sort of tiger or jaguar could replace the boars and be more dangerous
ducks could be replacement for the chickens (ducks love eating snails...)
instead of sheep there could be some mouflon-alike creature (Муфлон) as source fo wool- or the lamas from desert could repeat here.

replacement for tornados would be hurricanes/typhoons,
coming with a heavy load of rain and the new effect of swamp- (mud) instead of lakes/water on surface
a mixture from a few units of water + dirt which can not be mined but have to be dried out. (collect mud with buckets!)
craft a filter-station to gain clean water from mud 
surface-dirt can get wet from rain and change to mud (erosion/эро́зия)
swamp/mud does not drain like water if no stone-frontwall below, stays there forever until collected.
if block below swamp/mud gets mined the mud would behave as water does and fill the area below.
dwarves could sink in, get stuck,
slow down-effect depending on mud-depth:
 1  depth slows down
 2 depth slows down more - with a fully loaded backpack would barely make 1 pixel per second
 3, 4 depth makes dwarf stuck  (will smaller dwarves drown at 4 depth already?...)
 5 and more depth- dwarves will get stuck and drown if no diving helmet

stuck dwarves will need help from other dwarves and the mud has to be collected until the comrade is freed and can move again.

Undead (skeletons etc.) would use bone-bridges to cross swamp-blocks and of course remove jungle-bushes blocking the way with their swords

...not a request, just ideas ;)

General Discussion / what does "group" mean ?
« on: 12 March 2015, 17:02:36 »
data in "recipes.xml"  has some 


I have not found out yet what it means - what does the "group" stand for?
Is it something like a stage/level when the recipes should drop?

Bug Reports / No "Game Over" in Perma-Death-Mode?
« on: 28 February 2015, 16:08:08 »
If playing permanent death-setting and all dwarves are dead it's obviously "Game Over"
But the game simply continues to run.

PS. for Perma-death there could be a Highscore-table (XP/world-size*difficulty)

btw. the highest Level to reach is 17 - never ever will anyone get more dwarves without changing the game-data
I had about 6 million XP after >90 hours in game on a large map, completely mined empty.

Suggestions / gargoyles...
« on: 24 February 2015, 15:31:32 »
Since the gargoyles were introduced i'd say a lot of players have quit the game because of them.

The problem starts when red portals open on both sides of the players base because the dwarves can fight on one side only and the portals spawn for almost the whole night so there's not enough time to fight all enemies but the worst is:
- the gargoyles that come from the red portal on the left will destroy everything left of my base while my dwarves defend the right side.
Lowering the gargoyles count or making them weaker is no solution but perhaps the initial AI for the gargoyles from red portals can be be influenced by the players behaviour:

•If no dwarves ready to battle on surface:

(doors closed/no path for gargoyles to reach any dwarves)
then they would go to break walls and for destroying defenses as now.

•If dwarves are on the surface/ready to battle:

> when dwarves between base & gargoyle, the gargoyle would go to the base and for the dwarves as now.
The gargoyles that become stones during fight/attack would still change into small statuettes.

> when gargoyle spawn between dwarves and base simply take the shorter way and attack the first target.

> when base between dwarves and gargoyle, the gargoyle should fly away from the base and search for a free spot where to sit down and to become stone on purpose.
But not become the small spawners when gargoyle is sitting!
Should more look like the one from recipe "gargoyle2" (crafteable item) that has to be mined as the tombstones, but a "little more" durability - might need 1 whole day to mine the gargoyle-staue with a stone-knife - and when mined drop the spawner.  Of course the statue would come alive each night until it has been mined away.
 Block below should be locked then - or statue get a property = "can_fall"
Perhaps the gargoyles could place themselves some bone- or stone-bridge to sit on if no free spot available
 or destroy trees/bushes to make some space where to sit down -
they are good in destroying things and should have no problem to remove some tree...

So imagine what it will look like if 3 flocks of 5 gargoyles become statues... the dwarves probably still have to recover from the wave but there are 15 statues to destroy which will need each 1/15 of the day with premium-tools to remove

Bug Reports / glitches on map-creation/goblins spawning
« on: 04 February 2015, 17:46:34 »
today i just had some strange glitch:
the goblin camp appeared within dirt that was located next to a lake: now the goblins are trapped under water somehow.
Probably the reason could be, that i played another game first but restarted the level after 30 minutes and kept playing new game within same session.

Also since the map-creation has been changed lately it very often happens that either tombstones or lakes are right below the surface and often sand-blocks hovering in the air

Bug Reports / "No wool-growing-disease"/farm-bugs
« on: 16 January 2015, 15:57:00 »
i already reported but due to comments (and i had it a second time happening too yesterday) it seems to happen more often. (like once in 20 different games)

there are sometimes games where the sheep do not grow wool at all- not the wild sheep nor the ones in farms. In farms it says "already cut" but this never happened.

All sheeps in the world have same "hair-length" and none grows wool.

Another issue (with wool growing sheep):
if giving order to cut sheeps wool and then cancel the order, thereafter it's not more possible to cut this animal and says "scissors shortage"

Suggestions / chest-idea
« on: 12 January 2015, 18:03:54 »
chests currently only are for player to loot in tombs and give a little bit of comfort, i got some use in mind that will help reduce the amount of resources laying around and also make the players want to craft these chests:

If place a wooden chest adjacent to a workbench, then items that get crafted at this workbench land in that "magical" chest and are instantly at the stockpile available then and no more dwarf has to carry the crafted items around.

place a metal chest adjacent to a smithy - then crafted stuff from this smithy goes into this chest/directly to stockpile.

crafting-station needs chest placed 2 blocks distance from stations center-block.
remove comfort from chests then i'd say...
perhaps stations could share a chest - but it were understandeable to need one chest per station.
for the other crafting stations it'll still work as it does currently - or you have an idea... maybe add a stone-chest & flour-sack for workshop & millstone? A potions-cabinet for the lab?  Auto-fill adjacent tables at kitchens until tables are filled up?

Suggestions / Grunts Shop- calculator!
« on: 09 January 2015, 16:25:12 »
I'm somewhat of a spare-time-programmer and hobbyist and if i'm not playing CraftTheWorld then i use the computer to code.

Currently the game (infinite wiggeling dwarves) is somewhat unplayeable so i had some time to write a script.
My preferred scripting language is thinBasic and i used it to write some calculator for the prices in Grunts shop, so the prices he demands are reasoneable and cover the cost for each sold product in any case.

It's supposed to be a help in balancing prices - not as a cheat-editor for the players - and it will only allow to alter values for shop_cost & shop_count on resources. On recipes there can be changed craft_need (f.e."workbench") and produce-count since this will divide the resouce-cost and make some big number of the price.

The crafting-stations (workbench, kitchen etc.) can have a  usage-fee that will be added to the production-cost
Additional i added some technology-toll, so products that require higher technology are more expensive even if used same resources as some other low-tech-products then.

So resource-price, crafting-costs and technology-toll will make the netto-price (wholesale-price, the price Grunt will pay for this stuff).

Onto this price, Grunt can add some percentage profit for himself and some sales tax can be added also.
The program will list all prices at current conditions and tell the differences to the actual in-game-prices.

Station-usage-fees, technology-toll, profit & tax i've set to start out with the best testing-defaults but you may alter these and your settings will be kept in the programs .ini-data
It can save data, but it's not the intention - so it will not overwrite any existing data.

For more information & download check this post in thinBasic-forum and readme.txt inside attached zip-file at this post.

something to add: the usage-fees for crafting-stations should be higher for smithy & workshop, i think 0.60 for smithy & 0.80 for workshop so stone-bridge-price is adequate to wooden-bridges price

Bug Reports / multi-line-string - small issue in craft-menu
« on: 20 December 2014, 21:25:15 »
if an items name exceeds the space to display it on bottom of craft-window the string gets parsed to multiline.
The "issue" is, part 1 of the string is displayed at line 2 while part 2 is displayed on line 1.

Only visible at a few items in german version, so see the quicktip which tells the name how its supposed to be and read at bottom what's displayed.

Bug Reports / towers on bridges
« on: 19 December 2014, 20:50:06 »
the following applies to towers as tesla & arrow-tower:

since they drop down if placed onto a bridge and thereafter removing the bridge they stand on it's possible to place them where already other items are.

accidently removed the bridge and tesla shares place with a stockpile:

purposely multiple defense setup (arrow-towers & tesla share the place)

accidently fell down because i built another bridge underneath and the bridge where tesla intended to stand on changes to piller-layout  (see center-tesla above stockpile) now shares place with the bridge where it was supposed to stand on

for towers i'd suggest to lock the block where they stand on - or is the intention to be useable like miners lamps and to protect the mining-area?

Also if want to remove a level-3-tesla at some location where it's not needed any more to rebuild it at another spot: not possible since it does only return the resources for a level-2-tesla on deconstruction.

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