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Bug Reports / Placing/replacing-AI v 1.1.010
« on: 04 September 2015, 18:09:06 »
There are some different issues concerning placing/replacing blocks, especially when using the portal-spell on surface.

Once in a while a dwarf walks to a block that shall be replaced without any resource in his inventory, then he performs the replacing but in fact he does not replace the block, it's just the task that gets deleted then. (Portal-time used up for nothing :( )

More often and very annoying/ portal-time-killing when placing new/replacing blocks on surface. Dwarves pick a resource from stockpile, go through portal to construction-area. In meantime other dwarves already placed other new blocks.
The dwarf with the resource to (re)place comes to the position that does not meet his plans any more. Then he returns to stockpile without doing a job.

Try out: flatten surface by filling obstacles with dirt. Use portal-spell. Usage of scaffolding reduces the effect but does not prevent from it.

Please make dwarves "re-think" the way if they reach a point that's not on their plan instead of walking back to stockpile

Bug Reports / Scaffolding falls through a closed iron hatch
« on: 27 August 2015, 01:27:40 »
If placing scaffolding onto an iron hatch the scaffolding will fall through it, no matter if hatch closed or not. Happens on iron hatch- wooden hatch not tested

Suggestions / Re: Craft The World suggestions
« on: 08 August 2015, 19:08:21 »
... add some "Carry Over" on passing the level...

I would like to get skillbooks...

Lets say I have 13 dwarves when completing a world.
For each surviving dwarf that has a skill >= 100 when entering the exit-portal  the starting-inventory for the next level gets added 1 book of this skill.

So if i have for example one dwarf skilled as
logger = 100
carpenter = 100
warrior < 100

i would get 1 bookskill logger + 1 bookskill carpenter for this dwarf into the inventory of the next world.
the next of my 13 surviving dwarves might be miner >= 100, archer < 100, climber < 100 so this would add one miner-bookskill

Suggestions / Re: Tab for Castable Spells
« on: 07 August 2015, 13:52:23 »
As i suggested some time ago- would be nice to have the ions on top-left screen (mana-display, coins) clickeable, so

if player clicks onto the coins-icon the camera goes to the shop and
if clicks on mana-display it could open a small quick-menu to select a spell

(as player clicks onto number of dwarves and camera jumps to next idle dwarf)

Suggestions / Re: Craft The World suggestions
« on: 20 July 2015, 15:07:45 »

"Sandbox-Survival", including highscore maybe online-highscore

if a dwarf dies  then Game Over

XP = Highscore

General Discussion / Re: Modding, Question.
« on: 03 June 2015, 03:48:30 »
the recipes will drop random in group-order, at first group="1" etc.
Any recipes that's recources are bound to the particular world will drop, except there is some condition ( as for healt_elixir , require="worker-1-dead" )

General Discussion / Re: Modding, Question.
« on: 02 June 2015, 14:37:31 »
Hi there,
i heard you cannot aquire all Recipes in Sandbox custom game is that true ?
if yes is it possible to edit,mod somehow ?

I'd say in sandbox custom game you can craft anything that you can craft in campaign in the particular world.
For example ice-spikes can be crafted in Frostworld only, Firearms and ammunition for these are crafteable/for sale at shop in Takmakland only etc.

What resources are available in which world gets set in "resource_bind.xml".
I would not recommend to edit this file because it can lead to weird behaviour if the parameters in this file do not fit the tech-tree-structure.

It would not make any sense to enable for example firearms in 1st world since you can not make gunpowder without any sulfur - except you add some recipe to craft money so you would be able to buy it:

Code: [Select]
<recipe name="money" produce="money=10" group="3" ingredients="iron-1,gold-2,iron-3,coal-4,silver-5,coal-6" craft_need="smithy" />
insert before "</root>" at the very end of "recipes.xml" - so you will be able to craft this in Sandbox-games.
For campaign-games it would be necessary to add the money-recipe below a technology in
default_techtree.csv as for example
Code: [Select]

Bug Reports / Re: Black Dark Evil Monster (Fluffy)
« on: 30 May 2015, 13:06:40 »
Indeed they still are to rare I'd say too.

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 21 May 2015, 13:54:11 »
what makes me wonder: current version 1.1.007b contains some new "Saves"-folder inside main.pak, in there are some "pakslot*.sav"-files.
Do they have a function or did these files get in there accidently?

Latest updates / Re: Update 1.1.005b
« on: 07 May 2015, 21:53:25 »
think this is the wrong update-log ;)

Suggestions / Re: Craft The World suggestions
« on: 07 May 2015, 03:26:12 »
some small thought about the larva-creatures:

The deeper we dig, the more durable the blocks. OK for dwarves to work.

But larvae need in deep layers very very long to dig too, so the deeper  - the less dangerous they appear.
For larva the dirt-durability should work reverse or depth-dependend.
In softest dirt their current digging time seems ok,
but the deeper - the faster they should dig ...


Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 06 May 2015, 16:55:43 »

Can you make a screenshot of this message?

It's not a message! The game STOPS for like half a second.
an incrdible performance-breakdown (that tells me goblins spawn)

I've checked this aspect in version 1.0.011, and even there dwarfs drowns instead of using diving-helmet (in manual controle). BTW, do you mean manual control?

I'm certain in manual control mode they don't use diving-helmet with 1.1.004b.
If let dwarves do it on their own, items to place underwater become red mostly.

Also i used 1.0.010b (not 1.0.011) previously and i think there i was still able to let dwarves work underwater by themselves. Placed a few antique pillars in my fishing-lake without any problems. Can not tell for sure it worked manually but i got it done in 1.0.010b.
With 1.1.004b it does not work unless i make the lake empty before...

Towers should not repair automatically (not wooden towers, not Tesla).
I was sure they did in the past.
If this is intended now not to repair any more then ignore this point, i can live with that and place my towers an appropriate way.

Magic jewelry was just an idea because it was a post about diamonds. No serious suggest.
Keep focused on your plans, you're doing well ;)

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 06 May 2015, 12:59:54 »
i allow all my archers to use fire-arrows. I do this since versions 0.9.xxxx
i'm not sure it came up with this version but the arrow-consumption of the archers is so high- never had this happen before that the arrows are empty within seconds:

Archers loose the tickmark which allow them to use special arrows by themselves.
I can not tell exactly if they loose the tickmark when the arrows are empty and they used default-arrows once or if they just loose it without any reason.

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 03 May 2015, 22:21:19 »
(sorry for multiple post,  reason see above)

resource name="pink_crystal"
(Розовый кристалл)

this item always leads to confusion with the items listed below since it's called a "crystal".

Also from the view of science only this might be a crystal...

The other items:

resource name="portal_krs_blue"
resource name="portal_krs_red"
resource name="portal_krs_dblue"
resource name="portal_krs_green"
resource name="portal_krs_violet"

should be called
"Diamond" instead of "crystal" for the english version
lines 33 to 42

Code: [Select]
  <BluediamondT>Blue Diamond</BluediamondT>
  <BluediamondD>Precious stones for making magic objects and structures.</BluediamondD>
  <ReddiamondT>Red Diamond</ReddiamondT>
  <ReddiamondD>Precious stones for making magic objects and structures.</ReddiamondD>
  <DarkbluediamondT>Dark Diamond</DarkbluediamondT>
  <DarkbluediamondD>Precious stones for making magic objects and structures.</DarkbluediamondD>
  <GreendiamondT>Green Diamond</GreendiamondT>
  <GreendiamondD>Precious stones for making magic objects and structures.</GreendiamondD>
  <PurplediamondT>Purple Diamond</PurplediamondT>
  <PurplediamondD>Precious stones for making magic objects and structures.</PurplediamondD> 

"Diamant" instead of "Kristall" in the german version
lines 33 to 42

Code: [Select]
  <BluediamondT>Blauer Diamant</BluediamondT>
  <BluediamondD>Edelstein zur Herstellung magischer Objekte und Konstruktionen.</BluediamondD>
  <ReddiamondT>Roter Diamant</ReddiamondT>
  <ReddiamondD>Edelstein zur Herstellung magischer Objekte und Konstruktionen.</ReddiamondD>
  <DarkbluediamondT>Dunkler Diamant</DarkbluediamondT>
  <DarkbluediamondD>Edelstein zur Herstellung magischer Objekte und Konstruktionen.</DarkbluediamondD>
  <GreendiamondT>Grüner Diamant</GreendiamondT>
  <GreendiamondD>Edelstein zur Herstellung magischer Objekte und Konstruktionen.</GreendiamondD>
  <PurplediamondT>Lila Diamant</PurplediamondT>
  <PurplediamondD>Edelstein zur Herstellung magischer Objekte und Konstruktionen.</PurplediamondD>

the block where we can dig diamonds from should not use the <BluediamondT>-string but have an own that just says "алмаз"/"Diamond"/"Diamant" since we can find random any color.
How about some magic jewelry for the special items-slot?

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 03 May 2015, 20:42:44 »

Suicidal dwarf behavior
  • Melee fighters running headlong into mobs (often ignoring the enemy right in front of them to the get to the one in the back of the mob), and leaving their ranged fighters way behind.
  • Dwarves standing there being pummeled, and not fleeing or fighting back.

Just to illustrate "kamikaze-melee", see picture below:

As you can see, the warriors are running into the mobs, forcing me trying to click more and more far away enemies else the ranged fighters would go back into the house and leave the melee-fighters alone out there.
This means the dwarves move out of the protected zone pretty fast and come to the red portals position eventually. But then it's to far away to go back to the other side of the house and no more possible to get the bonus :(

many clicks do something else than marking the desired enemy for attack!
  • very often accidental unmark other enemies, which means one has to try to click them again...
  • often click onto environment (loggin trees, dig, enter shop, remove fences & cages...)
  • sometimes miss

calling dwarves back in, using Siege-Mode-Button results in dwarves going to far away from the exits, the ranged fighters (mages & archers) are back at work as fastest, so calling them now out for attack again means, the melee-fighters are back in battle as first.

Also on horn-spell near the door the melee-fighters don't return to spell-position while ranged fighters (that can not see the other enemies) will pummel there and be no help for the warriors with clubs & swords that are running towards the next enemy within their view- no matter if marked or not.

Similar issues clicking onto a certain creature for example when goblin-camp spawns or ant's nests to be destroyed, entering pyramid-room or just when fighting the portal guards who summon more creatures.

What could help?

A dwarf that currently is in combat with an enemy that is marked to attack should automatic mark other enemies for attack that are in his view.
It would mean for gameplay more organic and dynamic battle since player needs only to decide once: fight or not fight.

I consider the current dwarves combat-ai already smart enough to win the battle if they would do this all on their own, once the player marked the first few enemies to attack.
Since the melee-fighters are in front and in battle already, the new marked enemies would be taken care of by the ranged fighters automatic because melee-fighters are busy and also mages would stay automatic in range of injured dwarves to heal.

Then it's all about the player-chosen equipment, beer or tea ;) and the skills.

post splitted to have scrollbar near image :) 

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