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Suggestions / Re: Craft The World suggestions
« on: 18 December 2014, 11:04:16 »
some small idea for some underground-enemy that could fit any world:


maybe spawn in abandoned areas and old tunnels where for a long time no dwarf was
could be able to climb any wall or obstacle , also climb straight up and down on dark underground-backwall and should move constantlly around like the larvas (but no digging)

ps. the cannon-towers & dynamite-minig+fishing was not a question but an idea ;)

Suggestions / Re: Suggestions for 4th world
« on: 18 December 2014, 01:06:55 »
gunpowder? does that mean we get cannon-towers and explosives for "fast-mining & fishing" too?

Suggestions / Re: Craft The World suggestions
« on: 17 December 2014, 18:00:14 »
i'm a serious player and i love playing your game- at least sandbox-mode - and i want it to become perfect :)

Today i want to mention once more the unbalanced silver-amounts and here what i think about

 improving resource-placements:

Currently the larger the map the more rare the silver becomes (no random-silver-drops from any earth-layer), on large maps silver is more rare than mithril in the end.
And there's no coal to find below the soft-brown earth - except surrounding some random predefined tombs.
If i find coal visible in red earth then i know a tomb must be near... and if i need coal i only search the top-earth-layers for it.

i assume there is no additional random drop from any block that contains some visible ressource and only one random-drop per block,
if that's the case then the following i'd suggest: 

In all layers below sand-earth (starting at the soft-brown where mostly coal drops) should be a chance to get some random silver - would not just raise the amount of silver to find, but also reduce the other random-drops then.(coal,iron,gold,mithril)

In all red earth layers should also be a chance to find coal and silver as visible resource. This would reduce the amount of other random ore-drops there - and could perhaps raise the amount of coal & silver altogether a tiny little bit.

Edit: and please-please-please re-check for GREEN CRYSTAL-DROPS - i always buy them (if not a new dwarf brings some)

Bug Reports / Re: v 1.0, issues
« on: 16 December 2014, 19:08:57 »
some more concerning enemies from waves going for player-placed stones, sometimes really stupid.

Skeletons destroy my lake instead of going for my house:

portal opens, instantly start to hit block they are standing on:

thereafter they take the next block.

After the wave i needed to repair my lake but not my house:

skeletons dig 1 block away diagonally (happens often) so i would have time to replace the digged block now...
already instantly overgrown:
look for the shaking stone-block:
also here:

and 1 more for the german version:

the craft-menu is captioned "Geschäft" which means "Store" or "Shop" but we don't buy nor sell stuff here...

"Magazin" or "Lager" were correct here

portal-part keepers should not be placed on changeable stones as bricks etc...
i just trap him by changing the bricks layout:
and he has no chance since he can not move:

Suggestions / Re: Craft The World suggestions
« on: 16 December 2014, 17:57:42 »
better resource-collecting-rules:


• if dwarf is done with a job where some resources drop as logging, hunting, mining, crafting, fishing etc. he should pick the closest resources and return to a stockpile. (as currently)

• if a dwarf starts at the stockpile to go for collecting ressources only, he should select the most far away item to pick up as very first, (except on portal-spell-use of course) and thereafter the next items he meets on his way back. This way the resources will come closer and closer to the stockpile, even if dropped while an assault. Currently it's vice versa and the distance between stock and the next item to collect becomes larger and larger.

• if a dwarf uses the blue portal (spell) to collect items he should empty his pockets at the stockpile first and not carry stuff away from the base, also has more space to pick up items

• dwarves equipped with a backpack should be preferred if the question is "Who will go to collect the stuff?"

Bug Reports / v 1.0, issues
« on: 16 December 2014, 16:38:16 »
i certainly can not tell this and that is wrong with the ai but...

as already mentioned i prefer playing sandbox, but yesterday i tried a campaign-game. I gave up!

There are a few issues that will happen also in sandbox-mode but happen much more often in campaign as undone tasks. I don't know how and why but exiting and re-entering makes them dwarves going again mostly.

I can for sure report the following issues:

siege-mode (forbid to leave shelter):

• if turning on siege-mode all tasks that are given previously turning siege-mode on outside shelter-borders get ignored after turning siege-mode off, applies also to crafting-queue if only one of the required crafting-stations is outside the shelter-borders, (like a kitchen in some ancient tomb)  - exiting and restarting the game will solve this

• if giving tasks outside shelter-borders at block x,y while siege-mode on - so message appears - the game is screwed forever. Tasks concerning block x,y get ignored forever in this savegame thereafter, no ressources get collected there any more, nothing will be built there, neither dig, nor replace, nothing - to collect ressources there either summon imps, use magic collect or just dig the block below x,y so resources fall down to y+1 where these get collected then. No other way to solve this. To build/dig/replace there from now on only possible if taking over manual control of a dwarf.
Also happens if dwarves have to remove some leaf before they can return to shelter at all. Position where that leaf was growing/dropped get's ignored from now on and forever in this game.
Same goes to places where some item is to collect and some dwarf already on his way to go there when turning siege-mode on.

horn-spell (gathering dwarves at a location):

• if using horn-spell to gather the dwarves (for a wave or a keeper) then have to CANCEL horn-spell BEFORE BATTLE ENDS.
Else resources that drop while horn-spell active won't get collected and stuff to craft at some stations won't get crafted if horn-spell still active when dwarves "plan their next actions after battle", exit & restarting the game solves this.

major issues:

• dwarves ignoring enemies that attack them while doing something like logging, digging, gathering water, dwarves not helping their comrades standing next to them fighting enemies

• space-bar/ green arrows at ai-info-bar (browsing through dwarves)
displaying wrong dwarves health and ai-state, only the first dwarves health will be shown correct, all others show also the first dwarves state
displayed ai-states ("attacking enemy", "waiting for elevator", "idle" etc.) totally messed up and only around 5% showing the correct ai-info


• let's craft stone-bridges in campaign please, instead of useless, ugly, black columns

• dwarves using the weapon/tool they planned to use for the given task to remove leaves that are in their way. So on attack a mage uses mages staff, archer uses bow, on planned mining they cut the leaves with the pickaxe etc. Maybe only wrong animation but looks weird, especially if dwarf was sent to gather water - i have to laugh if they cut the leaves with a bucket...

• multiple sent-out dwarves to do the same job, (mostly collecting) is a pain, messing up my portal-timing, especially if the item they went for is not there any more, but instead of picking any other item near them they return empty or just stand around then.
• sometimes when digging a front-wall (only experienced in campaign-mode multiple times yesterday, perhaps once in hundreds of hours in sandbox-mode!) two dwarves come and dig front & backwall then.
Annoying inside the shelter... ;)

• manual control
often happens if taking over control of a dwarf that stands around, the dwarf does not react unless one let him place some item- even if item can not be placed, dwarf makes a small movement and then can be controlled.
if dwarf is currently waiting for elevator/rail, dwarf does not allow control until rail/elevator was used - so has to walk/climb all the way back then...

Bug Reports / replacing bugs
« on: 14 December 2014, 00:13:21 »
if replacing front-wall earth where backwall is also earth with some "flower-relief" (i don't know exact name since i play german version)
- the one that gets crafted by 5 stones like an X-shape in crafting-grid)-

the frontwall disappears and the backwall becomes the placed relief then.

Did not try on other blocks than earth nor the other "ancient relief" yet.

Edit: when leaves grow on these reliefs then, after removing leaves the block becomes Frontwall Earth, Backwall Relief

plus: not a real bug but unfitting - also applies to replacing,

it's not possible to place a block of SAND into the air, i'm ok with that.
But if i place another block into the air i can replace it with sand and it stays in the air.
So either make it impossible to replace blocks with sand if no foreground-block below - or let the sand fall down i'd suggest.

Bug Reports / portal-spell near added stockpile...
« on: 13 December 2014, 02:40:35 »
there's something weird when having an additional stockpile and cast the portal-spell directly next to it:

At the main-stockpile then the timer runs different than at the additional stockpile - it does not subtract the time on portal-usage near the new pile when used from main-pile-portal. Means, while the portal-spell at the main-pile already was expired the dwarves still had more than 2 minutes left to return from the added pile to the main-pile.   strange...

I've uploaded the savegame here:

(use the blue button to download)

the camera is placed onto the additional stockpile where is around 1:30 minutes left for the portal while the portal at main-pile is closed.


It's a huge world, far more than 50, almost 60 hours played, just came to level 15, normal difficulty-
i wonder why there are still only 3 red portals... shouldn't there be 4 in the meantime?

 the masses of gold come from the goblins loot, i've built "a few" tesla (which needs 2 gold + 1 silver-ingot)
as you can see, there's more mithril and lots more gold to dig out than silver...

And i have no more use for iron, so i made hundreds of barrels and brew a few thousand pints of beer already.
( Dwarvens beer-consumption is enormous - in 10 hours playing-time they use up around 450 pints. )

Iron arrows, iron spikes, iron ladders were cool to have a use for that iron
- wooden ladders could break once in a while due heavy usage...
then that falling-animation, where they hang a short moment with one hand somewhere in the air would fit perfectly... ;)

Bug Reports / Re: Brick Fences on Bridges
« on: 12 December 2014, 18:34:52 »
one more to the fences (all kinds)

if removing the front-wall-block where the fence is standing on (as the bridge above) the fences don't drop but stay in the air. Same applies to lanterns on bridges that get removed.

Bug Reports / Hunters
« on: 12 December 2014, 18:03:45 »
additional to the fact that a hunter does not increase his skill by killing animals- except during manual control-  i want to report the following behaviour as a serious, fun-killing bug finally:

(also applies on attacking enemies!)

A hunter does not finish the hunt!
Hunters must kill the animal before doing something else but they don't!

Mostly they give it one or two hits and walk away (portal-spell usage twice for nothing! :( )
- and then another dwarf from very far away comes and gives the animal the hopefully - final - strike because its very likely that the animal needs a third hit... so a third dwarf has to come.

This is a bug in AI: once hit enemies/ hunteable animals should not be left alone before these are dead. They might leave them alone if another dwarf is already there and has contact just in case another enemy to fight nearby only. But they must never walk away (exception flee on low health) and start another job if not other dwarf is close enough to hit the enemy/animal.

Better one hit too much than the current behaviour...   

Even if a weak enemy in reach they are not supposed to log wood nor to walk away but have to go for the animal/enemy and not leave their comrades get killed, just looking at it talking about weather and tea.

Also very often happens a boar kills a hunter - even in full mithril with best weapons equipped - if wood to log nearby!
The following occurs: Hunter hits boar once or twice then leaves boar alone and starts logging totally ignoring the boar.
Boar attacks and finally kills hunter while he does not stop logging nor fight back- does not even flee on low health!

It's as bad for gameplay as the piling up in earlier versions of the game, where only the first dwarf got beaten up while the others were just yelling and wiggeling around blocking each others way.

Suggestions / Re: Sandbox Mode Suggestions
« on: 11 December 2014, 18:35:24 »
just one addition to the trading-idea:

the prizes Grunt is willing to pay must be lower then the prizes he demands for the stuff in his shop- else the player could simply buy it and sell it back.
Perhaps the offers he makes should be really random-generated on a base of, lets say 70% (* 0.7) or less of the prizes he sells for. He needs a profit...


the players level should set the "maximum coins" Grunt will offer (alike maximum 3 coins per offer at level 1, 4 coins at level 2 etc.)
then a function selects a random "item x" from his shop that costs equal or less then the "maximum coins",
divides the "maximum coins" by 70% of the shop-sales-prize for "item x" to get an "amount of item x" he demands today
calculate Int("amount of item x" *  0.7) to get the "offered amount of coins"  for "amount of item x"
-it might happen he only offers 1 coin in the beginning-.

"item x" has to be crafteable -no dirt, crystals, ores, skillbooks, resource-drops etc.- 
Simple: Grunt will demand only items that can be crafted in single units and that can be disassembled. 

And perhaps if an offer is made and not done yet  show some:

number "amount of item x" & icon of "item x" & arrow|equal sign & number "offered amount of coins" & icon of a coin

in a bubble above his head if or on a sign in front of his store (to save on gui-buttons, as a reminder for the player &  have the environment feeling "alive & dynamic")

If the trader steps in, i'd also suggest to reduce the coin-drops: none any more at digging (who buried these coins?)
but more coins from goblins & other creatures (keepers), random from stockpile-ghosts maybe

Suggestions / Re: Sandbox Mode Suggestions
« on: 10 December 2014, 18:59:38 »
Where shall i send that medal? :)

Cave trolls, would be good climbers and wear huge (bone-?) clubs perhaps as a replacement analogue to yetis, thinkeable source for simple weapons, needles or other random clutter (shoes, berries, a glass of beer, a coin or some cone) in their pockets

Instead of boars it could have badgers (russ. "barsuk"), can look funny but be very aggressive, could dig small tunnels through (dirt-)earth and sand no matter if player-placed or not, but should not dig stones, neither deep-layer-earth nor crafted items, also no digging of blocks where something grows on, may remove leaves, eat up planted wheat, thinkeable source for fur, needles, fat, meat, could toss around stuff from stockpile if gets close enough to stockpile, could steel food from tables and/or stockpile - does not care for totem of course so dwarves have to protect their house & food or leave the doors closed. Can be stopped/affected by traps, fences, spikes & cages, count as enemy so mages might cast them to snails and very small meat/fat-drops if some at all. Not primary a food-source i think but it's AI should go for (the dwarves) food and attack only dwarves that come to close

Fireflies/ will-o'-wisp : spawn in dark areas or at night time , could cast weak fireballs and be a source for resin, chitin, could be a moving, bright light-source - will often distract player then.

resources that are not available?

What about "Grunt", could his store play a role?

Grunt could buy certain items on demand only  - not anything and only once per day - so player always can trade as long as he has coins or the resources Grunt currently demands.

That could solve a problem of unavailable resources in a certain world without "offering it all" and would be an elegant way to get around the coding of some huge trading-menu and stops those crying for an option to sell stuff.

Orc says: "I buy 10 Gold-ingots and i pay 30 coins. Can you deliver this?" Yes/Later/No,
if click "yes", 30 coins drop in front of store and remove 10 gold-ingots from player. Sale done for today.
if click "later" then keep this offer valid until player chooses either "yes" or "no"
if click "no", orc says "come back tommorow when i need something else"
next day he might offer: "I need 25 wooden barrels, square windows, whatever... and i pay 15 coins. Can you deliver this?" ...

Suggestions / Re: Sandbox Mode Suggestions
« on: 09 December 2014, 18:18:58 »
i have some "underground"-thoughts already, concerning existing creatures:
(i'm used to play on "normal" difficulty)

-dragons & giant ants-

both DO NOT attack ballista (wooden arrow-tower) nor tesla. I could send you some savegame - but i think you'll believe me if i tell you that i can design my underground (ant-nests and open space above lava) a way to "farm XP" by placing these towers. For the dragons i also "farm" valuable armor, bones & meat by designing their area filled with not too dense placed weak towers (smallest tesla or wooden towers) and they have a chance to get adult. I think the older dragons give better loot.
 So it was not a good idea in my eyes to re-implement the towers giving xp on kills but now it's probably too late to remove it again- so at least these creatures should not ignore the towers that attack them

the ants should move further away from theirs nest if the way is open and they should be able to pass open doors also. And they should "harvest" the plants/leaves in their caves, else they get overgrown and can not move any more.

dragons damage is hilarious small, i don't fear for my dwarves if they have to fight a dragon... the dragons should not have weapons nor armor in their loot but maybe some ores and dragons eggs if a use for them (see below doubling-bug)

-necromancing dark elves (portal-part keepers)-

they cast their fireballs in a way to high frequency for my feelings, and they should not be placed into a cave that has a brick-floor above lava. I don't even need to use a spell to get rid of him, just switch the brick-wall appearance and he's gone... what does he have that i can't craft? why should i bother fighting him? And why are they that strong (it's exaggerated, also their health) and why can they cast fireballs and hit dwarves through the wall even if door is closed again?
I would suggest to place all portal-part keepers into dungeons that have at least undestroyeable floor-blocks or to give recipe only if the keeper had contact with a dwarf. Their caves design & position of elve inside the cave should not be that random as currently- should work with undestroyeable blocks and doors here to shape the players path...
And if the keeper is not an undead himself- why does he not drown? I've made a lot of effort once to built him a nice "bath-tub", collected lots of water (it's a real hard job that should be rewarded...)   

..and some more:


sometimes it appears that items spawn twice: For example often there are two dragons eggs at one position
(at least after removing one egg and killing a dragon, but i don't know if it won't happen if no egg removed nor dragon killed yet, i did not purposely watch it)
- so this is a place for a high chance for the developers to find/check the reason for double-appearances.   

(not that bad - but please add a use for these dragon eggs-
 i think of a "dragon skin potion/dragon egg-meal", (see below pitcher) similar duration to beer, serveable on a table as food, that gives a 33 or 66% (fireball?)-resistance to dwarves maybe add some glow-effect to the dwarves then or display some additional heart(s)- that would equalize the fireballs frequency of the keeper and could reduce dragons damage - but the dragons damage could be 3 or 4 times the current and not just blow the dwarves through the area )

also doubling very often the goblins-camp-drops, seems to affect also the amount of appearing goblins: i had that quadrupled already multiple times.


btw, goblins camp:

what am i supposed to do with 3 large kitchen stoves at once, 3 smithys and 9 comfort beds? I disassemble all that stuff...

Anyway i think the LOOT from goblins camp is way to OVERPOWERED. Awaiting the goblins is like abusing the infinite chest-loot-bug the game had previous versions

I got my "true dwarf"-achievement (200 gold-ore) by disassembling the loot (yatagans & golden helmets they always have) and maybe digging 20 pieces of gold myself... I never need to craft any elevator, neither diving helmets nor fishing rods.

For this i would suggest: a medium kitchen stove would be enough, so i have a reason to craft the large ones by myself additional to those i find in some tombs... - maybe a mill, workbench, smithy etc. ONCE but not that masses of valuable finished/already crafted stuff and predicteable the same.

remove santas jacket and the fifth portal part from the camps drops please.

The camp should drop MUCH MORE RANDOMIZED and also cheap raw materials as coal, ingots, boards, oil or simple items as barrels, bottles, buckets, ladders, food, cheap & later also better tools (axes, pickaxes) etc. Why should goblins have mithril armor- and not wear it? does not fit in size? They have Yatagan and attack me with a wooden spear? makes no sense.

Perfect were the camps drop items (value|count) depending on players level. 

+ if dwarves equipped with goblins spear they have 2 different attacking-animations but if one of them (i don't remember if up/down or left-right) is played they make no damage +

The goblins shaman: why does he not fight back? I would await him to be the hardest of them that protects the camp and to use some magic (sparks or fireballs?)


Oh yes, i forgot, something:

-equipping potions-

i would like to check potions in equip-menu for dwarves equipped with a staff as the arrows for dwarves equipped with a bow so a dwarf needs my OK to use a potion and i can prevent them for example from casting the beholders into snails ( i need the beholders eye for new snail-potion :D )

-items falling onto hatches/ overgrown background-blocks to mine-

odd behaviour in both cases: if an item drops onto a hatch (i think only happens if closed and i think it happens on other doors too) or if a background block gets marked to mine and the block gets overgrown by leaves in the meantime. Then dwarf comes, mines the background, leaves disappear and mined resource-drop is placed block-centered - you have to look at it, i can't describe, both looks weird.

-price for heavy bow/ mithril-staff in the shop-

the heavy bow at 15 gold is a real bargain (2 bars of mithril-ingot cost already 20) so 30 gold would be adequate for this powerful thing.
the mithril-staff at 35 is a little too expensive compared to the bows power but it has more reach, so concerning this and the needed resources i think both should cost 30.

-silver arrows-

silver is more rare than gold in the game since there's no earth-layer that drops random gold plus the much gold the goblins bring into the game. So crafting silver arrows from silver-ingots is way to expensive and one does it only once to proceed in campaign mode.
Simple silver were expensive enough - or add some random silver-drops in the sand-coal-earth-layers. Also iron/steel arrows instead (there's enough of iron since skeletons drop metal gear that one can disassemble) were thinkeable


also found in goblins camp...
what is it used for? Its not required to craft anything else from it as far as i know. Does every dwarf need one? how can i give it to them then? Is it supposed to be placed onto a table? What do i put inside? Dragon-eggs liquid? Put an egg into 3 pitchers to get 3 meals... just raise the amount of at once crafted pitchers.


what else is it used then for crafting pictures?
i imagine to have some dwarf that goes to a desk (like a lab) and writing something onto it. Needs paper, color, a feather and some magical mushroom, spider-web, brain, bone, slime or crystal depending on spell. This could be an alternative way for magic without the use of players mana-points. Like i can craft for example "summon imps"-scroll (make it craft a few at once as the potions) and cast it once (so the scroll disappears but no mana used)

-tesla-tower deconstruction-

if i remove some already placed level 3-tesla tower completely thereafter i get only the resouces for a level 2-tesla so i suspect the top-tesla does not drop the resources

-towers on bridges/towers falling-

if placing tesla/ballista onto wooden/stone bridges (not logbridge) the tower should not fall while changing bridge-layout. Maybe only fall if quickslot that contains currently the bridge-icon is not active any more or no more bridge in quickbar at all to prevent them from accidently falling.
if placing towers above any item onto any bridge (i can for sure say this about stockpiles and tower on logbridge above) and thereafter remove the bridge then the tower and the stockpile "share" the block - so they are both a this position- is purpose? Perhaps better to "lock" a block as long as some tower is placed onto, so they can not be removed (as the earth is locked where some tree grows or where some pillar is placed onto)

-campaign tutorial quest idea-

as the quests like "dig a tunnel" etc there could be also some "shape your environment and place earth, sand or stones" where the player has to place at least one foreground and one background-block of any of the 3. I can remember when i played the first time (v that i was fascinated by that little dwarf hunting snails and digging tunnels but i had no idea that i can place simple stone or dirt to build, and not just the crafted objects.

goes to your GUI-artists:

please change the fonts appearance of portal-spell-timer and in crafting menu, the items-count:
Either outline or shade the font so one can always read it, no matter what background-color there.

sorry for that much to read, i hope you have the time and i guess i should have added this to the other thread.

Suggestions / Re: Sandbox Mode Suggestions
« on: 09 December 2014, 05:52:38 »
I am a sandbox-player too and because it fits the topic i make my suggest(s) here:

At the time i play only the first world mostly because of the giant underground-worm in frost-world (i hate that thing - it plunged once all my dwarves together with a stockpile into the lava, and there's nothing one can do when it appears) and the tornados in desert world ( i've never made it yet in 6 or 7 attempts - not even in "Very Easy" mode and rare weather events - to finish my shelter without any dead dwarves before).

So i hope for the 4th world and stick to the 1st for now, but i think there are a few players that would appreciate settings about the giant worm and tornados to be disabled - since both worlds already have other difficulties as wood & water shortage to deal with.


Anyway, the settings i wanted to suggest in the first place here, were the maps-size to be customizeable like i want to play in a world that has the width of a currently small or medium world but the depth of a large world.


Suggestions / Re: Crafting
« on: 05 December 2014, 15:50:07 »
This is not a reason

Even in custom game it were possible if the player crafted an item once already to auto-populate the grid with the needed resources.

I'm a sandbox-player and i played CtW probably more than 1000 hours already. I can live with drag'n drop, but honestly i don't like it and the crafting-grid and all that procedure around makes some "very from other games inspired" impression - just not to say its a copy of ...

If accidently picking a wrong resource or just clicking instead of dragging mostly clears the grid and one has to start all over -
drives players more mad than the drag & drop-procedure

Also irritating: the icon for raw resources as wood, stone etc. in the crafting-menu looks like the wood-icon. I can't tell how often i already tried to drag this wood - which is none - into the grid.
Please change that icon.


Same tedious boring gameplay: equipping life-potions during battle - there could be a shortcut needed because its tedious to stop the fight every 0.5 seconds, browse and equip all dwarves that need one a life-potion. I would appreciate some key like CTRL+P/H
for "Heal" or "Potion" that equips one to all dwarves that miss a heart.
Even a "take potion"-button next to siege-mode-button would improve the gameplay.


Also for battle:
please add some special combination like holding SHIFT-key while click will ONLY mark/unmark enemies to fight.
 I'm sick of accidently clicked environment and dwarves starting to remove fences or cages and log trees instead of attacking the trapped enemy
Or just make the red portals markeable to attack so any that comes out gets marked automatic.

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