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Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 03 May 2015, 14:20:33 »
crosspost (my weekend-summary),  the "most important things" only, suggest-free ;)

goblins camp (1st world)

It was in the old days below version 0.9.03x always a performance-lag when the camp appeared and the framerate went down. It was like a signal "the goblins spawn now". And this has been solved, there was no more lag and the player could not feel when they appear.

With this versions 1.1.00x there is a new signal:
the complete game stops(!!!) for like 300 to 800 milliseconds that moment and tells me: "goblin camp is spawning NOW!"


manual under-water-control not working! I tried a few times within different game-sessions

It was possible in previous versions to navigate a dwarf under water and they always equipped automatic the diving-helmets.

With version 1.1.004b they do not,
it is not possible building under water manually- dwarf drowns instead of using diving-helmet.


towers don't repair automatic

i play 1st-world, nightmare-mode, sandbox currently - don't know if "nightmare-mode" matters here and influences healing times for wooden towers but i am pretty sure they don't regain health automatic. (i suspect same for tesla-towers).

Suggestions / Re: Craft The World suggestions
« on: 27 April 2015, 15:04:25 »

since the pinned thread for the 4th-worlds-suggests is locked i post it here:

There could be some vines or similar plants grow downward, hanging on the bottom of floating islands.
Probably we'll need a bunch of scaffolding to get them/their fruits.

But also i would wish a similar map-layout (floating islands) for the previous worlds in custom games.

Since we now can craft coal, iron, silver, gold & mithril already, some basic alchemy could be used to craft wood from bones + something as mucus or dirt also.

General Discussion / Re: Lets Play by Authorchristopher
« on: 25 April 2015, 14:29:34 »
can not watch your last video- says it would be private.

Suggestions / Re: gargoyles...
« on: 25 April 2015, 00:46:06 »
just wanted to say: you solved this very good :)

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 24 April 2015, 23:00:45 »
It may be that you want to change the definition of 'normal.' Is 'normal' difficulty supposed to be the same across worlds - I think a lot of folks might expect this - or should you be more clear that normal difficulty ramps up by world, even in custom mode? This second definition of 'normal' in difficulty progression makes sense in campaign, I am less sure about using 'normal' that way in custom mode.
I think it's only possible to select difficulty in custom mode. If it's difficult in campaign then its the campaign itself and it's ok since it increases with each level.

But if you select a custom game then difficulty should mean what it says.
And "Normal" to me means, challenging, take care for your steps - not too casual but neither getting frustrated.
If i want to see my dwarves blooding i select "Nightmare".

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 24 April 2015, 16:46:37 »
damn, then my translation for the heavy rifle was wrong. I made a sniper-thing out of it for the germans.

Also i have corrected typos and changed the title of the pennants to from "Schwarz-Weisses Banner" to  "Banner" only (color not matters for a long time already)

Hope not to late.

attachement goes to \Lang\German\data\Local

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 24 April 2015, 15:58:48 »
ok, guess i can remove the 500kB-attachement above then.

Something else about properties of "pistol", "rifle" and "heavy_rifle" where I wonder about:

I was studying \data a little while waiting for next fix to plan how to deal with those multi-line-statements inside xml-files for a possible plugin-editor and i saw "accuracy" is highest at the weakest weapon ( pistol 0.8 ) but lowest at the best weapon. ( heavy_rifle 0.5 ) (craft_resources.xml)

Does it mean that accuracy-value is the chance to miss the target (misleading name) or are the more powerful weapons less accurate? 

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 23 April 2015, 22:36:54 »
my savegame keeps on crashing to desktop :(

I tried already disabling the systems pagefile (did help in previous versions) but no success.

Crash within 5 seconds after starting the game.

Edit: (attachement removed)

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 23 April 2015, 19:40:53 »
thank you :) - already started to get withdrawal-effects

NEW BUG (minor glitch)

casting portal-spell at position where is wheat growing - wheat disappears at this position

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 23 April 2015, 17:44:07 »
1.1.002b - did not test immediately when it came out but now i saw at first sight: map-generation, (first world, large, sandbox-mode, normal)

Sand is missing and no loose stone-heaps at surface - just the mountains and below the lakes are stone - everything else is homogenous dirt.

Also no wheat!

Went through all 4 worlds now: Stones nowhere at surface
1st world: all dirt
2nd world: all snow
3rd world: all loose sand except oasis
4th world: all dirt (please give it another color-tone - more like brownish-purple... RGB(96,62,96) )

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 23 April 2015, 15:51:48 »
just one small impression about portal-spell now

due longer logging times now portal-spell-timer-time appears to be short.

Floating islands - but dwarves stand up there and dream instead of returning to the base instantly if nothing near portal to do - forces either to recast a new portal or make him manually drop of the island and send him to bed ;)
(that's why i thought of a parachute for my dwarf)

Dwarves should prefer standing around at positions near the shelter and avoid positions far from home.

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 23 April 2015, 15:03:03 »
That ants now attack all creatures was in the update news by Bytebreaker. I shouldn't have mentioned it.
I was just hoping for ants (and dragons also) that they will not ignore the archer-towers nor teslas any more (came not that far to test this) and these creatures will try to destroy the towers now instead of being killed defenseless (avoids "XP-farming" since the creatures respawn)

Suggestions / Re: Craft The World suggestions
« on: 23 April 2015, 14:19:19 »

How about ManaRegenTime influenced by totems comfort-level?

No totem = no mana-regeneration at all.
 In the beginning mana is refilled mostly if new dwarves join

Comfort 0% = 180 sec (as current)
Comfort 100% (use average of all totems) = faster regenerate, like 80 sec

Simple: every point of comfort will reduce manaRegenTime by 1 second.

Perhaps adjust to like 300 sec at 0% , -2 seconds per %-comfort so end up in best case at 100 sec if 100% comfort



lower comfort at all items (except beds) that have currently a comfort value
>= 0.4  Then  -0.1 (so 0.4 becomes 0.3, 0.5 becomes 0.4 etc.)
>= 0.8  Then  -0.2
>= 1.2  Then  -0.3

1 more exception: decorative shield can keep current value, because needs the steel sword

It's to easy to get and hold the 100% currently.

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 23 April 2015, 13:37:00 »
The 4th world should be the most hardest level we have in the game.

Challenging is ok, but it's frustrating if dwarves get slaughtered because the world is so brutal and since there are no resources it's just watching them starve and die. Not entertaining.
About Giant ants - this is how it should be...

Really that late? I mean the nest pops up all of a sudden when dwarves come 3 blocks or closer to the nest-position. It's like half an hour watching the cave- nothing happened- seems safe to open. Enter cave and while a dwarf stands there the nest and the ants appear. The old way, that the nest gets activated as soon as the map nearby is opened was better since one could hear the ants sound.

And if ants build new nests now (i don't know if they do) then they should do it after a certain timespan with no visitors in that area  but not if dwarves come near.

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 22 April 2015, 23:46:01 »
Although it is set to normal level, it is difficult because it is not easily get wood to advance quickly in the tech tree. Plus it costs too much to cut the trees and mushrooms, so the process is very slow (little wood cutting and complicated. The sum of the two becomes too difficult to start dwarves always kill you, then do not have time to create a shelter.)

I agree.
It's really hard to get on wood but more hard is the enemies.
Also hunger of dwarves seems much higher in 4th than in 1st world. But can not afford the wood for a second table and the workbench is of no use without wood...

Even if playing on "Easy" i felt it was very hardcore so the current "Easy" in 4th world already harder than "Normal" in the first world of previous version.
The "Normal"-setting feels like "Nightmare in desert" already.
 If i choose "Easy" i want a casual game.
 "Normal" should be challenging but not frustrating.
 75 to 80% of the current enemy health/strength would serve.

And: if enemies have their feet in water, dwarves often ignore that this enemy is marked to attack.

+ dwarves still immure the resources behind the solid foreground-blocks when replacing blocks (any, fore- or background) . as  i reported already with previous version.

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