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Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 22 April 2015, 18:06:03 »
millstone for gunpowder were an additional chance for the miller-skill to increase.

;) wood & ladders, 5 for 1 coin? ok, let's say he sells used ladders...

But i reply because of 2 bugs:

 if one dwarf places some dirt where another dwarf moves to at same moment, the dwarf gets killed if he jumps/runs into the space to be filled.
It happened in my case if dwarves do this placing dirt on their own, not in manual-control-mode.
Heavy gamebreaker in perma-death-games...
I suspect you changed dropping sand to kill dwarves now? Seems it glitched out.

wanted to make screenshots thereafter but strangely steam uploads only blackness today :(
It happened when i tried to flatten the surface, by filling a horizontal row of around 10 to 15 foreground-blocks - background was already filled, Portal-spell was casted nearby, so dwarves came in an out in a high frequency.

 3 dead this way within a few seconds - not just once so it reduced my team from 10 to 7!

There's only a russian symbol  - guess means "dwarf dead". If click onto it the camera jumps up into the sky (0,0?)

2. If dwarf works on a backgroundblock where is a ladder at foreground also, they need very very very ... long to do the job. If its 2 hits with a steel-pick to replace stone with stonewall on a ladder they need like 20 hits to replace the stone behind ladder as long as dwarf is on the same ladder (wooden ladder in this case). I'm not sure if it has to do with elevator-shaft (all my elevator-shafts are laddered) or with the wooden ladder itself.
Also to remove the ladder in elevator-shaft needed much longer than usual.
Do ladders (or elevators  or both together?) have a setting that influences working-speed now?


Giant ants now attack anything- also black fluffy within theirs nest. But I'm ok with that as long as they will attack towers too
Appearance of ants "a little late" now. Or is it the distance to small?

Btw. nice 3rd-backwall-job!

Played sandbox, first world today on easy
 (i don't like the blue plastic-dirt and i wanted a casual experience, the 4th world is a little to hard)

There drop recipes for mushroom-dishes but i have not found any mushrooms in first world yet- but i'm not very deep so far.


Second goblin-camp in 1st world appeared, the message of discovering new creature (goblin-shaman) appeared then  - even I've killed him previously in this game.
Also i got the impression the goblin-creatures-graphics of the 2nd appeared camp were different than the usual "old" goblins from 1st world.

Portal-message-icon is in russian too - should be displayed a little longer so can click onto.
Perhaps better use icons without any words on it (skull, saber...)


another 4th-world-impression: to many slugs. 50% of the current amount would be enough.

 8) Can we craft parachutes for our dwarves too/ obtain them from killed orcs? Use automatic if falling-height > 3, enough time to open - but won't avoid slipping of a cliff 3 or less deep


one more: i had a typo in the shaman_dialogs.txt (german version)
this is the corrected (goes to ...\Lang\German\data)

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 22 April 2015, 13:32:42 »
Just tested: if i attack the shaman using fireball or magic explosion he does not react but i think it should be counted as an assault. Did not try cast onto the deity but in this case deity should go mad.

ps. 5 ladders cost still same as 5 wood but need 10 wood to craft them. Especially with this wood shortage on new world it's remarkeable.

To craft gunpowder it should need the millstone!

Beta-test / Re: Beta-test of the 4th world
« on: 21 April 2015, 21:22:35 »
As a first reply:

All my previous saves are gone - but since i don't play campaign it's not a problem to me and i like starting new games ;)

Now my first look was for sandbox, 4th world of course. Very nice.

But now the "but":

I checked for shop, the new items have no name, instead it says "NOT_FOUND"
just 2 images
not complete list but mostly all the new items say that in inventory as well as in shop.
Can it be because i play german version? (Edit: Yes. See attachement)

and the BRICK-FENCE still to cheap:
it must be shop_cost 2, shop_count 1
but it's vice versa currently 

I'm wondering a little bit: where did I get those 5 coins...

Very nice:
totem changes + the iron door is named correctly now :)

+ please change for german version back to the old label for the craft-menu-button:

It was "Lager" in the old days (which means storage, stockpile and that was good!)
- but now it's "Fertigen" - which means "finish something" - it would have to be "Anfertigen" to be correct. And most of the stuff in inventory is already done crafting, so "Lager" makes much more sense.

-after reaching level 5 goblin appeared and some orcs. They are much to strong and to many. I've spent my coins for health potions but useless, 5 dead dwarves & 15 potions wasted.
 This not fun. Perhaps I should not have attacked that Shaman...?!?

Anyway i made myself a german translation for the new items & shamans text - using the english version as a template.
See attachement

Bug Reports / Re: Dwarves Health not restore if sleep
« on: 18 April 2015, 13:25:33 »
... actually my level is 18


Please tell me how you did that.
I have a large map- completely empty and refilled all with dirt/re-used all dirt. My dwarves did participate in all waves and i got the XP-bonus every time (around 65 times in this game)

I might reach level 16 (15 currently) but my game is > 60 hours, within the next 24 to 30 hours theres no more fresh dirt to dig and you tell me now you've reached 4 times that XP already?

Do you play a modified game or do you play such slow speed and dig almost nothing inbetween the waves?

Bug Reports / Re: v 1.0, issues
« on: 16 April 2015, 20:05:37 »
not a huge thing - but why is lava able to be mined?

+another small glitch: there's some water-backwall behind one of the secret rooms
(scroll right)

Suggestions / Re: Game-Versions-Info inside main.pak
« on: 13 April 2015, 13:30:43 »
sounds good-
a very valuable information :)

i think about a launcher that allows to select a .pak-file from CTW-folder and then starts the game.
Is there any ini-, config- or  registry-setting that tells the game the name of "main.pak" to use or would it mean for the launcher to rename the desired .pak-file?

Suggestions / Game-Versions-Info inside main.pak
« on: 09 April 2015, 13:17:39 »
This is not a gaming suggest but more about modding the game in a clean, "plugIn"-alike manner.

I've not found a versions-info anywhere in the main.pak - i hope i did not oversee it.

It were very helpful if the main.pak would contain a small (text-)file containing the games version-number this main.pak belongs to.

Currently modders mostly supply the whole modified main.pak that has to be renewed with each new version when the game updates.
If they would instead only have to supply the data to exchange, it were possible to use a mod on a new version of the game - even if it's author has not made a new version of it yet.
Also it would allow to use multiple mods at once.

Such small textfile as "Version.txt"
containing only something alike
Code: [Select]

inside the main.pak would be great help to keep overview about the main.pak's on the system, also in backing them up etc.
It should not be game-relevant file - just informative, so i might make my editor to append something to the file as adding included modifications name on a new line. 

Bug Reports / Re: v 1.0, issues
« on: 05 April 2015, 15:37:31 »

General Discussion / More games of Dekovir-Team?
« on: 30 March 2015, 16:04:55 »
Are there any other games available that are made by your team?   

Suggestions / Re: Craft The World suggestions
« on: 26 March 2015, 15:49:53 »

A big door for whom? For bigger monsters?

Just make those skeleton bosses target more walls to destroy if no dwarf in reach
(horizontal path not high enough)

Perhaps some more specialized skeletons ("wallbreakers") with a battering ram could participate in waves.
- bigger door for dwarves makes no sense since dwarves are known to be small. 

Suggestions / Re: Craft The World suggestions
« on: 26 March 2015, 15:13:43 »
A better Ladder, specially for optic in late game or dwarves can climb faster on it. A stone ladder or something like this (or maybe a stair).

Yes iron ladders that improve the climbing speed were great and a meaningful use for all the iron.

Currently coal is shorter than iron and player needs lots of coal for other stuff than for steel to craft, so all the iron can not be used up anyway and is leftover in later game.
Also it would allow in other worlds to deal with a wood shortage

Suggestions / Re: Chairs
« on: 23 March 2015, 14:14:25 »
It would give the chairs a reason and it would be palpable if one has to refill tables less often the better the chairs.
And if don't want to draw pillows- it still can be counted if enough valid chairs for all dwarves inside a shelter without having a visual effect - it just would look nicer.

Mentioning nicer looks:
please redraw the big furnace- it's looks is so oldfashioned and doesn't fit the pretty other stuff. It should look more like bricks where it's made from and fit the brickwall-looks.

And something's still wrong with that elevator-houses frontwall- depending on light-distance it becomes dark blue.

Suggestions / Re: additional world ideas
« on: 23 March 2015, 13:32:59 »
another world-idea, not as complete as the above,


just a direction what i imagine:

very hard surface-dirt, no soft-earth-layer above the yellow layer. Perhaps a few more vertical gaps and shafts near surface

small, fast growing bushes, minimal wood
some chickens or ducks
seals/walrus-alike creatures as a source for leather/boar-replacement
sheeps or goats
background-image showing (animated?) volcano a few miles away.
every once in a while the earth starts shaking ( not within the first 20 minutes so player can cover the stockpile)
then volcano in background errupts, giving the island some "lava-bomb-rain" burning the flora and injuring creatures, also it woud get a little darker, sky becomes flaming red perhaps

also ash-storms could happen (independend of the eruptions) = no sight outside.
ashes could cover the earth (as snow does) and replace surface-sand
ashes would be the terrain for the bushes to grow on, not the volcanic dirt.

lava-bombs effect on the surface:

water evaporates 1 unit with every bomb

bushes will burn as first, it needs another bomb to hit the groud below then

ashes will dust (no sight) and finally settle as snow does

stones/walls stay uneffected - bombs could carom and hit elsewhere or just splash-dust.

any dirt-blocks will become hot on impact but cool down after a while and change to some volcanic dirt finally. (may hold random stone, iron & coal)
the more bombs hit the same dirt-block the more hot it would become until its deadly fluid, lava - but cools down eventually.

lava - swallows the bombs (=keep temperature high)

Shocking scenario already...
i don't think there's a shop that's always available - (maybe on demand?),
perhaps some orkish pirates cold camp there once in a while... 

Suggestions / Chairs
« on: 23 March 2015, 12:05:30 »
We had some "brainstorming" in the Steam-forums over the weekend.
A good idea resulted - i exclude it here

 a use for chairs, simple, straight, equal to bed-rules:

dwarves like to have a chairs for eating
 ( no sitting animation required - do not eat chairs  ;D )

A valid chair has to be placed next to a table inside the shelter.

If a dwarf goes to eat and there is a free chair for him then he will put his pillow onto the seat as dwarves do with their bundle next to the bed.
Then he will eat as usual from all of the tables, no matter where his chair is.

this dwarf has an own chair inside the shelter, next to a a table.
No other conditions.

If a dwarf has a chair then his personal "overtime-satiety-decrement" gets lowered, depending on chairs-quality.
If dwarf has no chair then nothing changes.

= chair upgrades food-quality, dwarves with a good chair need less often food.

Perhaps exclude armchairs & sofas ( no "chair"-property) and add some new luxury chairs with fabrics or leather for the seats

these could influence the health-regeneration when dwarves idle.

Suggestions / additional world ideas
« on: 18 March 2015, 16:23:10 »
The 4th world is already in progress and as fas as i know it will be a fantasy/dungeon-world.

I think some of you had the idea already to

 have a jungle-world or rainforest theme?

Somewhat similar to desert-world there could be either pyramids of aztecs/inca or far south eastern "angkor vat"-alike sunken temple-ruins.
-  i'd prefer the aztec/inca-theme simply because of the block-architecture.

The aztec warriors (undead, skeletons, mummy-replacement) in the ruins could wear some stylish helmets, necklaces or bracelets (golden weapons & breastplates for the bosses/highpriests?  ;D )   

There could be special jungle-flora that will also block the path so no dwarv can pass by, would not need a backwall to grow on but some surface block below and needs as long as a tree to log - depending on used tool. Jungle-flora could be a mixture of tree & bushes, more than 1 block height.

some sort of tiger or jaguar could replace the boars and be more dangerous
ducks could be replacement for the chickens (ducks love eating snails...)
instead of sheep there could be some mouflon-alike creature (Муфлон) as source fo wool- or the lamas from desert could repeat here.

replacement for tornados would be hurricanes/typhoons,
coming with a heavy load of rain and the new effect of swamp- (mud) instead of lakes/water on surface
a mixture from a few units of water + dirt which can not be mined but have to be dried out. (collect mud with buckets!)
craft a filter-station to gain clean water from mud 
surface-dirt can get wet from rain and change to mud (erosion/эро́зия)
swamp/mud does not drain like water if no stone-frontwall below, stays there forever until collected.
if block below swamp/mud gets mined the mud would behave as water does and fill the area below.
dwarves could sink in, get stuck,
slow down-effect depending on mud-depth:
 1  depth slows down
 2 depth slows down more - with a fully loaded backpack would barely make 1 pixel per second
 3, 4 depth makes dwarf stuck  (will smaller dwarves drown at 4 depth already?...)
 5 and more depth- dwarves will get stuck and drown if no diving helmet

stuck dwarves will need help from other dwarves and the mud has to be collected until the comrade is freed and can move again.

Undead (skeletons etc.) would use bone-bridges to cross swamp-blocks and of course remove jungle-bushes blocking the way with their swords

...not a request, just ideas ;)

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