Author Topic: Update 1.8.000 (with new DLC's support)  (Read 2004 times)


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Update 1.8.000 (with new DLC's support)
« on: 18 June 2020, 17:54:17 »
Attention! You may need to restart the game world to view all changes and improvements.

+ Added support for the new DLC Heroes, which provides more opportunities for summoning experienced warriors and magicians with unique abilities. Players can choose from 9 different heroes, according to their playing style.
+ Added Portal Scroll Guardians search spell. It uses a lot of mana but allows you to accurately determine Guardians location.
+ Improved selection and dragging of items in quick access cells to reduce false responses
+ Added a limit to the amount of damage a dwarf can sustain in a short period of time so a swarm of monsters can't kill it instantly.
+ Dwarf direct control mode becomes more responsive.
+ Improved dwarf AI: fixed several instances of dwarves getting stuck on half-submerged bridges; mages find other tasks if they can't find a position to attack the mob; when hunting, dwarves were previously able to abandon their target without killing it; block selection priority when searching for a path has been modified.
+ For totems and the main stockpile, icons are now shown when the map is zoomed out.
+ Some recipes and item parameters have been modified: the number of metal stairs has been increased when crafting; the gun barrel recipe has been simplified; the healing percentage for apples has been fixed, etc.
+ Simultaneous operation of several magic beacons has been fixed.
+ Fixed: sometimes exclamation marks wouldn't appear above dwarves when using a quick collection spell. Fixed some bugs when using this spell.
+ Fixed: occasionally too many objects would drop out of the Frostling camp.
+ Fixed some crashes.
+ Many other minor fixes and improvements.

DLC Lonely Mountain
+ The properties of some blocks have been changed: durability, water permeability.
+ Improved and fixed the appearance of some rooms in the mountain.
+ When a wave of monsters comes, the breaches in the mountain no longer open in unexplored rooms.
+ Fixed the calculation of the orc colony population and their totem restoration.
+ Fixed animation and orcs that get stuck.

DLC Bosses and Monsters
+ The digging worm would sometimes not disappear from the level when health was low.
+ Several tentacles near the kraken would appear in each block.
+ The wyvern sometimes froze after the goblin's jumping off.

DLC Grottoes
+ Elves only heal dwarves if they have less than 80% health.
+ Elves do not get caught in dwarf traps.
+ Fixed some elf animations.