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Survival in the Snow World. Horticulture.

  • In the Snow World, with digging up blocks of snow, there is some possibility to dig berries.
  • If at early stage you do not have enough leaves to provide yourself with the necessary number of them, you should not cut down completely overgrown predatory bushes, and keep at least one bush. After a while the blocks around bush would be overgrown again with mass of bushes.
  • In the Snow World the wheat will not die if you plant it under the roof or under the ground.

Decompose items.

  • Many items in the game can be disassembled into its component elements. While parsing the subject lost 30% of the material.
  • You can’t decompose items which can be crafted in groups, such as rails, paper, nails and food.
  • Place the item to the place indicated by the arrow, and then click the button to take item apart.


Water block consists of 5 horizontal stripes. Water is gradually absorbed, if the bottom of the reservoir is not stone. Water evaporates from any block, if there were only one strip of water.
How to get water?
Water can be collected only with buckets.
Source of water:
  • Rain. Rain can be in any part of the level, and may be different strengths: a little rain, a normal or storm. Depends on the strength of the rain rate of appearance of strips of water that accumulates in the pits.
  • Ice or snow can be melt under the ground below a certain depth.
  • Blocks of water drops from the cactuses, if the player has a bucket.
How to collect water?
If you want to build a large pond in the 15-20 blocks, for example, you must dig a small hole in the block 2-3 first, then gradually expand pond and fill it. Otherwise, the water will evaporate rapidly.

Learn how to feed the dwarves.

  • A variety of products adds to the nutritional value of 10%, i.e. if dwarf ate different foods in a row, the last product add 1 + 50% = 1.5 units of satiety. Monotony reduces the nutritional value, respectively by 10%, third eaten apple in a row add 1 - 30% = 0.7 satiety.
  • Dwarf eats a variety of foods before the full satiety, provided that no other dwarfs in this time are hungry. If one of the dwarves is hungry, then eat until normal satiety.

High detailization

In the game there is a useful key combinations. When pressing CTRL + W turns on the high detailization that allows you to make screenshots of the best quality.

Monsters come!

  • The first portal starts counting after reaching 4th level. Time until the first wave: 42 minutes + time until the next night. The interval between waves: 54 minutes. If you destroy all the monsters from the portal for 6 minutes, the experience, calculated by the formula: Level * 100 * level (ie level 12 is 12 * 12 * 100 = 14400 EXP).
  • Wave of monsters comes from red portal. If the number of monsters, which should appear at night, do not have enough time to get out of the portal, it creates an additional portal.
  • There are restrictions on the maximum number of portals. In Very Easy difficulty portals do not appear. In Easy and Normal difficulty the maximum possible number of portals = 3. In Nightmare difficulty the maximum possible number of portals = 5. The maximum number of monsters does not depend on the time of the game.
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