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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #60 on: 08 August 2015, 19:08:21 »
... add some "Carry Over" on passing the level...

I would like to get skillbooks...

Lets say I have 13 dwarves when completing a world.
For each surviving dwarf that has a skill >= 100 when entering the exit-portal  the starting-inventory for the next level gets added 1 book of this skill.

So if i have for example one dwarf skilled as
logger = 100
carpenter = 100
warrior < 100

i would get 1 bookskill logger + 1 bookskill carpenter for this dwarf into the inventory of the next world.
the next of my 13 surviving dwarves might be miner >= 100, archer < 100, climber < 100 so this would add one miner-bookskill
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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #61 on: 18 August 2015, 12:15:32 »
I'm sure it's been suggested already, but being able to name you dwarves would be great.


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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #62 on: 08 November 2015, 02:08:27 »
The game should get rid of tedious things like putting food on table, cutting sheep. Maybe high tier items to automate things like putting food on table, cutting sheep, making arrows and potions?
Someone suggested that mana regen rate should be based on comfort level. This is a great idea! The more time player has to spend in menus the faster he gets bored with a game. At level 12 it takes 60 mouse clicks to fully replenish mana.
Now it's too easy to get 100 comfort level. This can be fixed by reducing comfort bonus from every item copy by 50%. E.g. first luxury bed gives 12 comfort bonus, second one gives 6 and so on.
Something should be done about health potions. When a dwarf is low on health, player is forced to enter menu and use health potions. Mages are not always around and they react slowly. Make dwarves pick up health potions at stockpile and auto use them when they are low on health.
2 quickslot bars ( it's actually 1 for most players since the game never tells you about the second one ) is not enough in late game.
combine swimmer and fisher skills, they are useless otherwise.  Stone mason and alchemist skills? New dwarves should come with miller skill only when you can build mill. Battle skills should be exclusive.
ivy destroyed by monsters drops no loot
same loot drops from orc and orc boss 
Beer should increase crafting speed for dwarfs at workstations. If not, then dwarves should not leave workstations to get beer.
cave goblin saber has 3 different variations but they all have the same name and look similar. When I got my first cave goblin saber I did not like its stats so I got rid of it and every other one I got later and I never knew there were 3 different kinds of them before I read game files.
It's impossible to open or close door if enemy is in it.
There should be separate clicks for attacking enemy and selecting dwarfs. Something like if a dwarf and enemy are in the same tile, then left click selects dwarf and ctrl+left click marks enemy. There also should be a way to place multiple objects (railroad, ladders) without clicking them every time in quickslot bar. A way to mark  blocks to be dug or placed in certain order would be useful.
Underground goblins make the game a lot more interesting. It would be great to have an option for sandbox mode to enable them  in other worlds. Statues from pyramids placed randomly underground should also make the game more interesting.
On high difficulty levels you can destroy goblin camps only if you have good gear and lots of dwarves, but the loot you get for that is insignificant in late game. I suggest that goblin camp spawns with a only several defenders but every time you destroy it the number of defenders increases.
In custom game you get recipes for basic items like nails, clay, bottle and oil way too late. So you have a lot of recipes that are useless.
Animals in water should try to get out.
Frostling spear drop % is just 4 and there is only one frostling knight on the map at a time so the odds of getting that spear are too low.
When shopping it would be useful to see number of items that you have.
Priority for attacking boars is pretty low; usually only 1 dwarf runs to attack them. This is OK at low difficulty but at high difficulty boars are tough and a single dwarf can not kill a boar early in the game. Also when boar's HP gets reduced to about 10% dwarves often stop attacking it.
A lot of late game items ( including elevator ) do not require a workstation and are made instantly. Every item recipe you get after workbench should require a workstation.
You can see durability rating in description for walls but not for doors.
When you click events ( like "low health" ) icons, the camera centers on them. It would be great to have a hotkey for this.
Sheep on farm built not on grass should die of hunger.
Beholder and guardian are both marked as very dangerous in bestiary but a guardian is worth 10 Beholders.
Would be fun if desert hurricane picked up fish.
So lava is water that slowly damages dwarves... Dwarves should die instantly in lava.
Blizzards that reduce visibility and movement speed in winter world would be great.
rain water inside shelter should reduce comfort rating
show number of items you have in crafting menu
dwarves do not pick up skill books, so you may never notice one when it's dug out.
Player is not forced to defend the shelter since monsters do not break anything inside it.
menu that shows total number of warriors, mages and archers would be useful
when dwarf starts to work at a workstation , he should drop items he carries
item comfort bonus tooltip on mouseover
game does not tell player that items can be disassambled
can grow wheat in winter world on any height
no feathers from farm chickens
lantern looks like it should be placed on floor not on a wall
enemies often do not react to ranged attacks
interactive tutorial would be nice. Noone likes to read pages of instructions. At least display notes when player starts world 1 for the first time.
when you click a portal opened with spell center camera on it's exit
hotkey to send selected dwarf to shelter
when you press home hotkey switch view between your stockpiles
hotkey to center camera on dwarf and follow him
Dwarves should be able to place and remove blocks underwater with diving helmet
sleeping larva does not wake up if giant worm destroys block near it.
do not allow to place towers on log bridge
cages should not stop big orks
fence should stop animals so it's easy to catch or kill them
no bestiary entry for flying octopus
collect sand task counts sand blocks that you dig but not those that you bring to stockpile. So you can not complete it by replacing sand with other blocks.
loot dug from blocks should not fall thru bridges
when zoomed out show keep out signs and every animal
wizard staff description says it allows using potions but wooden stuff allows it too. And it does not tell that wizard staff hits multiple enemies
when opening tech tree center it on tech being researched
pitcher in custom game is useless
goblins should free orcs trapped in cages
iron pickaxe should have lower damage than iron axe
dwarves should go to stockpile to pick up weapons and armor. Now when you see one of your dwarves get in trouble you can just put on him best gear you have.
nests in 4th world too tough and when ordered to destroy it every dwarf runs to it. Make them easy to destroy but spawn octopus when destroyed

late game levelling curve is too steep. Here is my char_levels.txt, it's better balanced than vanilla:
1 0 1
2 100 1
3 500 1
4 1000 2
5 2000 2
6 4000 2
7 8000 2
8 16000 2
9 32000 2
10 64000 2
11 124800 2
12 237120 2
13 438670 2
14 789610 2
15 1381820 2
16 2349090 2
17 3876000 2
18 6201600 2
19 9612475 2
20 14418715 2


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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #63 on: 20 January 2016, 17:11:00 »
Would you consider adding a right click option for fast building several wall blocks, bridge blocks etc. etc.? This would make building really easier and faster.



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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #64 on: 30 March 2016, 07:21:22 »
Needs to be fixed

Dwarves drowning in water.  They can't seem to get out.

A dwarf is assigned by the AI to do a task.  There's a dwarf closer to the task but doesn't do the task. 

Dwarves getting stuck in melee on ladders.  They don't know whether to go up or down. 

Dwarves getting killed in melee instead of running away. 


A way to get gold other than killing monsters through random drops or through digging

How about a trade system so you can trade one resource for another?

Ability for dwarves to use more than one special item (i.e. a backpack, worms, sieve, climbing shoes, etc.).   How about you tie it to the experience level of the dwarf?  The more experience he has the more specials he can use (max of 3 - but make getting to the max not take too long because the dwarves tend to die quickly). 

Multiple save / load feature so you don't need to lose your dwarves.

Option to change dwarves AI select dwarves and have them change their AI - work, fight, hold position, aggressive position, melee / ranged.

Option for dwarf to carry one ranged weapon and one melee weapon (set AI to change preferred weapon behavior - melee / ranged / spell caster).

Hot keys for next / previous dwarf, select stockpile, select last event / full screen map to see where all your dwarves are. 

Random map generator for added replayability. 

This is a truly great game with a lot of potential!!  I appreciate you folks taking a chance on it and making something very original!!  
Just some bugs need to be sorted out and features added.

Thank you for your consideration of these suggestions. :)


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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #65 on: 04 April 2016, 14:13:08 »
Thanks for the bugs reportes and suggestions, hope we'll fix it all :)


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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #66 on: 05 April 2016, 00:33:12 »
Thanks Slauq! :)

Orc Killer

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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #67 on: 14 July 2016, 00:32:49 »
My 9 yr old son asked me to find somewhere he could tell the developers of Craft the World ( His favourite game right now :) ) about his ideas of the things he would love to be part of the game someday.
All of the below is written by him, he would love to hear from you! Thanks.

Titanium ore/Ingots because there should be more ores and ingots.
Platinum ore/Ingots same as first.
The dwarves that go in Elevators should be less vulnerable so they can't be hit by enemies.
There should be baths/spas for them to relax in so they're calm, strong and ready to fight.
More animals like Cows ,Pigs, Rabbits, Wolves, Hawks and Bees that can sting your dwarves (and give them honey).

Mermaid table
Mermaid chair
Mermaid table with a cloth
Titanium hatch
Titanium door
Platinum lamp
Iron lamp
Dragon lamp
Lava brick
Dragon scale wall
Titanium roof
Platinum roof
Golden lamp
Magma table
Large Magma table
Mithril lamp
Mithril Elevator

New monsters
Cyclops -Dangerous
Troll -Very dangerous
Troll King -Extremely Deadly
Orc king -Extremely Deadly
Hunting Troll -Deadly
Troll Knight -Very dangerous
Troll Warrior -Deadly
Female Zombies -Dangerous
Killer Golem -Extremely deadly

Defenders of Golem (You need to fight these before the Killer Golem)

Stone golem -Dangerous
Granite golem -Very dangerous
Iron golem -Deadly
Gold golem -Dangerous
Silver golem -Very deadly
Platinum golem -Very Deadly

Defender of Orc king

Mithril golem -Extremely Deadly

New Weapons
Silver Spear 25 melee damage
Golden Spear 40 melee damage
Mithril Tridaspear 52 melee damage
Aqua staff  37 Magic damage
Magma staff 40 Magic damage
Solar staff 52 Magic damage

NEW Tools
Tiatanium Pickax 185 Mining
Platinum Pickax 120 Mining
Mithical PickAx 185 Mining Lumbering 120 Made out of Mithril
Tiataium WarAx 50 melee/100 Lumbering
Platinum Ax 20 melee/ 80 Lumbering

NEW things
Dragon Scale to make these-
Dragon helmet
Dragon Armour
Dragon Boots
Dragon wings
Dragon Sheild (Sisters in Arms only)
Dragon Staff (Sisters in Arms only)
Dragon House (Sisters in Arms only)

Wolf House for pet wolf  (Sisters in Arms only)
Mermaid Scale - For crafting the mermaid furniture and mermaid Armour (Sisters in Arms only)
Mermaid House (Sisters in Arms only)
Healing Herbs/ Mana Herbs

New Spells
Meteor Crush- shoots 6 meteors  7 mana cost
Tsunami- drowns all enemies in the area 12 mana cost
Thor's Lightning Bolt- Giant bolt of lightning that destroys all enemies in the area  12 mana cost

Thank you for looking at my ideas and for making such a fantastic game!


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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #68 on: 16 July 2016, 17:36:45 »

I can't thank you enough for the ability for mass building/ replacing several blocks with the right click of the mouse button! This new addition made my day!

Wish you all the Best!



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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #69 on: 17 July 2016, 01:31:05 »

A shortcut key for "Forbidding the dwarves to leave the shelter" would be of much use, I think.

Also would it be possible for the Ctrl + R key to send the dwarves running to sleep, at least while they are still in danger. For example in the middle of a fight, and when you send them to sleep, they run away from the fight until they are away, and then they walk to bed, if there are no enemies.



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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #70 on: 18 July 2016, 02:41:38 »

Would it be possible for the crafting recepie for coal to create X3 or X5 units of coal. The 8 pieces of wood used to create just 1 coal feels kinda costly, in my opinion.
In that reference, would it be possible to have some food recepies which are cooked on burning wood, instead of coal. Perhaps fried eggs or bun could require just wood, as they give less feeding. Sort of a diat meals, for coal shortages. :)



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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #71 on: 21 July 2016, 21:24:51 »

After our comfort level of the shelter increases over 50 the rats cease to appear. How about you add mice after that instead of rats. A mouse is a smaller and harmless version of the rat, and it can still eat your food off your table, but there are fewer mice and they cannot hurt our dwarves. This would bring much more use for pets even at a later game stage. Plus it will be very fun.
Instead of a filthy rat nest, the mice may spawn from a hole in the wall (especially if it is a wooden wall). The pets may chase and eat the mice, and also they may attack and destroy the mouse hole all by themselves, without needing a command from the player. Without bothering the work of the dwarves themselves. Just pets in action. :)

Kind Regards!



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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #72 on: 21 July 2016, 21:39:24 »
Honey and bees

I have an idea about a new feature. What if on some of the trees in the forest, sometimes may spawn a bee hive, and it will generate several bees, who will patrol around that beehive. The bees would be ignorant of the dwarves that work around, unless the dwarves try to chop down the tree with the bee hive. Then the bees attack and protect.
The bees may be just like giant ants, but above the ground. I imagine they would just be big bees, with a flying animation like the gargoyles.
When the bee hive is destroyed it may drop several honey combs. The dwarves may extract the honey in clay jars and may later use it to cook some sweets and different cakes, and candy. (Меденки). And these sweets may bring up bonuses like beer or pies. It would be a lovely addition to the dwarven cuisine.

I hope that you like my ideas so far.

Wish you all the Best!



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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #73 on: 26 September 2016, 15:04:07 »
Perhaps someone has already suggested it, but in case it hasn't been said, I'll say it. I think the shortcut key setting would be nice. I mean, i just bought it, and honestly i still don't know the shortcut key to change the time flow (I didn't play the campaign).  But if you please add the option for shortcut keys, it'd be great.


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Re: Craft The World suggestions
« Reply #74 on: 09 February 2017, 01:48:51 »
What i would really like to see is a ''Task assignation/prioritisation'' window. Just like the one in Rimworld.

I think it will be better and more efficient if we could choose what tasks our little friends should or should not perform. Or at least, if they could prioritise tasks in correlation with their profession(s) and/or tools currently equipped.

I would love to be able to forbid my best miners to spend 15 minutes crafting the 200 pieces of stone wall I ordered... or my brand new dwarf to destroys his arms for 10 minutes on a block of diamond with his stone pickaxe!

This game is great, but there could a few ''quality of life'' feature added to the game.

Have a great day!