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My two cents
« on: 20 June 2015, 02:55:14 »
1) Change the railroad and wagon, to the same as elevator.
    Make it so one wagon carries all dwarves like the elevator.
    Lets look at both

Moves up to 30 blocks    Doesn't move with out railroad   
Elevator:                    Wagon:           Railroad: Per 5 Blocks
Rope    3                        Nails    1              Wood     1             
Planks    3                      Planks 3                Iron Ore  2         
Gold Ore    1               Metal Wheel   2
Oil    1
Metal Wheel    1

Now I realize one is supposed to be later in game but look at the total cost. I think the fact you have to build each piece of railroad balances that out rather well.

Elevator: Moves 30 Blocks         Railroad: To move 30 Blocks       
Wool           2                                              Iron ore         16
Wood          12                                            Wood            14
Gold Ore      1                                                   
Stone       1
Berries       1
Glass       1
Coal       1   
Iron Ore      1

2) Give us a new slot to place job skill items. As is they mainly only serve to reach the next level of crafting, and then broken back down for parts. Everyone uses the tough backpack,
and switching in and out it just a pain. We crafted them let us use them!
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