Author Topic: Craft The World open beta-test  (Read 5024 times)


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Craft The World open beta-test
« on: 21 April 2015, 16:43:08 »
Dear friends!
Craft The World is available now for open beta-test.

From now, every owner of Craft The World on Steam can access the beta-test. You’ll be able to try the latest game updates, before its official release.

Attention! Beta-version saved games are stored separately from saved games of release version! If you want to play it, please switch back to the release version from beta.

Update 1.1.000b

A Brand New World!
+ Added new 4th underground world. You can reach it through the portal from the 3rd world in campaign mode or by choosing an appropriate type of the world in custom game mode.
New foes and peaceful creatures, new plants and additional recipes of items await you!

Changes for all worlds:
+ Improved battle system in cases when several creatures simultaneously attack each other.
+ Additional sounds for creatures and events.
+ Changed recipe and price for totem.
+ Fixed several cases of wrong illumination
+ Giant ants now attack all creatures.
+ If you place weapon in the equipment slot then dwarf use it always even he has got a tool with better damage.
+ Fixed resources drop from Tesla towers of 2nd and 3rd level.
+ Fixed damage made by dwarves with spears.
+ Now dwarves build blocks of stucco considering to previously chosen type of these blocks.
+ Fixed bug with instantly growing of wheat.
+ Fixed hot keys CTRL+R (all go for rest) and CTRL+E (all go eat) for Mac version.
+ Fixed several cases when items pass through the blocks if they fall from high altitude.

We’ll be very grateful for any comments and suggestions about the noticed bugs!


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Re: Craft The World open beta-test
« Reply #1 on: 03 August 2015, 16:52:37 »
I loved it very much. And it would be great if we had to learn it.


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Re: Craft The World open beta-test
« Reply #2 on: 04 August 2015, 07:16:20 »
Hey, that sure are good news.