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Just started playing - here's my five cents
« on: 15 July 2015, 22:01:42 »
Hello there! I'm Llamageddon, an amateur game developer and designer, and I just started playing CraftTheWorld - and I have to say, I really like it so far, although if I can say so, there's a lot of rough edges in my opinion. Let me apologize for starting a new thread, but I've got quite a lot to say, and besides - I like being able to discuss things, which is a bit tough in a crowded thread. Anyway, without further ado, here's the list of my observations, as to what could use some change, and a few ideas as well:

Interface and visuals:
  • It should be possible to craft items for the first time without having to drag items onto them - it's unnecessary, annoying, and hides the feature of being able to later craft them by just clicking.
  • Speaking of that, there's no reason to drag items once you can just click, and the slots should start filled-in, so that you can craft with one click.
  • Prerequisites, such as crafting stations, or tools(if they'll ever be necessary) of recipes should be displayed to the side of the ingredients window.
  • Hiding tile decorations on zoom out serves no other real purpose than to make things ugly and unrepresentative of how the map really looks - there should at least be an option for it.
  • List items lying around in quantities, and allow using them. It'd make a lot sense for dwarfs to be able to use the dirt they just dug out to patch a hole.
  • Make it possibly to build both background and foreground at once - this would help tremendously with bridging and other construction.

Room, shelter, totem mechanics:
  • The shelter totem requirement is somewhat unreasonable - I think that it should instead be possible to create a room with only walls, and doors/hatches - possibly even accept up to N% holes in the exterior, and have the totem instead provide a circular zone of relative safety from undead - penalties to speed or damage, prevening spawning, damaging lesser undead.
  • It should be possible to instead specify "zones", for lodging, shelter, not collecting items, or logging/cutting/gathering all wood/bushes/items in a zone as they appear.
  • It should be possible to see what is providing, and what is taking away, from comfort, as well as what its effects on housed dwarfs are
  • Speaking of the totem - I think it would be quite awesome if there were multiple tiers of totems, as well as different purposes, that you can stack on top of each other.

AI and behavior:
  • Dwarves should prefer longer routes over dangerous ones - and more so if they're lower on health. I almost had a heart attack the few times I saw a dwarf fall from 5+ blocks with just one heart left.
  • Goblins probably should be capable of climbing, given that they cannot dig.
  • Dwarves should schedule construction to avoid blocking their own, or other dwarfs' paths to a shelter or further construction.
  • Enemies should be able to walk through open doors or hatches - as it stands, they destroy them too much.
  • Nearby allies and enemies should affect cowardice, for both goblins and dwarves, so that loners get out of dangerous situations faster, and groups stick around for longer.

Crafting tree:
  • The entries are far too inter-dependent - it should be possible to "skip ahead" in some areas, or even ignore certain technologies altogether, particularly if they happen to not be easily accessible in the current world.
  • For example, basic farming probably shouldn't depend on anything, whereas more advanced farming should rely only on construction.
  • For another, stoneworking should probably be parallel to wood/metal-working, rather than requiring them.
  • Also, alchemy/wizardry should be mostly independent from other things, and mostly capped by access to resources that occur deeper underground.
  • And silver/gold/mithril-working - you obtain access to those long, long(I'm talking hours of playtime) before you can do anything with them. I understand the sense of gating high-tier armor and weaponry, but it should at least be possible to smelt them, perhaps make jewelry or ornate furniture in some parallel tree, possibly sell them for gold.
  • The stockpile is unreasonably far down the tech tree - it's such a basic item, and it makes relocating the base impossible, until you obtain it. I'd suggest going the Dwarf Fortress way with stockpiles - Give them limited capacity, preferences as to what should be put in them, and allow multiple ones. And have dwarfes choose the closest one, when multiple options are available for the given material.
  • I think that if you end up changing things this much, you should lift the restriction of each technology having a fixed amount of entries - it's quite arbitrary, and mildly limiting.

  • The speedup option is fairly obscure, there should be a visible switch for it. Not to mention - even 2x is fairly slow, with the default being painfully slow. I'd suggest increasing the game's speed to current 2x, and having 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 4x speed options.
  • The spells are way too powerful. I think it'd make sense if the portal spell required both an in and out "portal" to be built, and disintegrated at twice the rate for both endpoints missing.
  • Enemies should drop loot more often - loot rocks.
  • You should make it possible to sell things, such as certain crafts, for gold, or alternatively made things much cheaper in the shop. And besides, some of the stuff you can buy is deceptively worthless. Make the game give us way more of it, or remove those trap-options
  • Remove most tech tree related quests, only keep some as a "guide", and instead say what the "big goal" is, and let the player achieve it in whatever way they want(and can)
  • Allow scheduling tasks after you run out of materials, and instead display a list citing missing objects, completing the tasks as materials become available.
  • Add more rain to the first world, I think it'd make for an interesting challenge.
  • Add a "start at N% of the tech tree" option to custom games, to skip ahead a bit, but not too much. Likewise, start scenarios with a bit unlocked already.
  • Using skill books on dwarfs that already have the skill is almost a waste - I'd say, double the amount of skill it gives. And make it possible for dwarves to train skills they don't have, just slower.

Content ideas:
I'll try to keep this section short, since there's no reason to list every idea I've got, and I'll instead list just a few.
  • A barrier spell, in which both duration and health are one, would be of great utility, and far less overpowered than some existing spells, as well.
  • Another spell that would be useful would be
  • Maybe it's just me, but I'd appreciate metal ladders and platforms.
  • Items the dwarves come in should have some varying properties, perhaps protection from cold or heat, or something.
  • Craftable armor should have visual variants
  • This is something for a more distant future, but personally, I'd quite like to see it being possible to embark as elves, goblins, undead instead of dwarves - even if it was to be just a visual change or a reordering of the crafting tree, or a slight alteration of physical abilities.
  • Add "water flow" indicators like in Terraria, so that it's more obvious what way the water floats.
  • Make different kinds of earth(and stone, once you add more kinds) persist as their own type, for aesthetical purposes.
  • What if the world was rendered round, like a planet, instead, with a molten core that you cannot reach? It would probably require making the first world bigger, but it already is quite small.
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Re: Just started playing - here's my five cents
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Everyone has the ability not equal.