Author Topic: Placing/replacing-AI v 1.1.010  (Read 736 times)


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Placing/replacing-AI v 1.1.010
« on: 04 September 2015, 18:09:06 »
There are some different issues concerning placing/replacing blocks, especially when using the portal-spell on surface.

Once in a while a dwarf walks to a block that shall be replaced without any resource in his inventory, then he performs the replacing but in fact he does not replace the block, it's just the task that gets deleted then. (Portal-time used up for nothing :( )

More often and very annoying/ portal-time-killing when placing new/replacing blocks on surface. Dwarves pick a resource from stockpile, go through portal to construction-area. In meantime other dwarves already placed other new blocks.
The dwarf with the resource to (re)place comes to the position that does not meet his plans any more. Then he returns to stockpile without doing a job.

Try out: flatten surface by filling obstacles with dirt. Use portal-spell. Usage of scaffolding reduces the effect but does not prevent from it.

Please make dwarves "re-think" the way if they reach a point that's not on their plan instead of walking back to stockpile

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