Author Topic: Update 0.9.026  (Read 2917 times)


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Update 0.9.026
« on: 06 May 2014, 15:04:02 »
+ Increased monsters waves strength. If monsters haven’t enough night time to exit from single portal then the additional portals will be opened.
+ Improved dwarves pathfinding. Attack tasks are automatically canceled for unreachable creatures.
+ Improved imps pathfinding.
+ Player can change beds orientation like doors.
+ Player can dynamically switch the view for paintings, pennants and gargoyles.
+ Changed size of several items for placing them near beds. Totem occupies 2 vertical blocks now.
+ Scroll keepers now won't use ranged attack for running away dwarves.
+ Scaffolding can prevent falling of a sand block now.
+ Changed recipes: bread, wine barrel. Now you have to use workbenches to craft simple bow, glass and scaffolding.
+ Fixed bug with simultaneously using several workbenches of the same type.
+ Fixed trolleys stacking.
+ Fixed generating of stone mountains.
+ Fixed completion of 'cut a tree' quest.
+ Fixed completion of 'build the portal' quest.
+ Fixed bug with dwarves arrival when it happens simultaneously with gaining new player’s level.
+ Fixed invisible trees arriving when using growing spell.
+ Bushes won’t grow now over portal and inside natural caves.
+ Fixed entering the portals in direct control mode.
+ Fixed dwarves behavior when destroying a block under a bed a dwarf is sleeping on.
+ Fixed illuminating of several constructions.
+ Fixed view of melting ice and snow blocks.
+ Removed stone knife from shop.
+ Fixed work of the parameter – limit of gathering resources.


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