Author Topic: Update 0.9.027  (Read 2464 times)


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Update 0.9.027
« on: 08 May 2014, 13:44:02 »
+ Configured the max number of monsters in waves depending on difficulty level.
+ Monsters waves now consist of undead only (without yetis and mummies) but they have a maximum variety of creatures at the same wave.
 + Slightly strengthened yetis and mummies because they don’t belong to the waves now and can be met rarer.
+ Increased influence of the difficulty settings on the monsters health and strength.
+ Steam cloud is supported now.
+ Improved dwarves AI. Now all dwarves take part in a battle if player selected target.
+ Fixed – dwarves didn’t attack enemies outside the shelter when siege mode was turned on.
+ Fixed bug with the same resource displayed on the two slots panels.


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