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Multiplayer Alpha-test!
« on: 20 October 2015, 16:07:30 »
Dear friends!
We begin open alpha test of multiplayer mode!
But, before you launch game, we would like to tell about this mode a little.

The multiplayer will be organized between 2 players in an arena format with a choice of cooperative passing or against each other.
It is undesirable to quit from multiplayer if game already began, differently your rating will be reduced. On completion of game the dialog with results will be displayed.
Each player is given identical number of the dwarves, an initial mana points and some of the most necessary items and constructions. As transition through a portal to a biome requires a lot of energy, dwarves appear without armor there.
Time of game isn't limited and proceeds till a victory over biome's masters.
Use of spells far from a stockpile brings to the bigger drain of a mana. The direct control mode also requires the continuous mana drain.
Speed of game is defined by the minimum settings of both players.
Game comes to an end when all dwarves of one of players die, or in 5 minutes after achievement of the point of biome. In case of an ice biome is an opening of a chest in a cave of elves.
After game completion, the winner is given a unique award which is displayed in a game completion dialog. The winner is defined by a contribution to a victory which is calculated proceeding from number of the digged blocks, killed creatures and the made items.

How to get to a multiplayer?
To start multiplayer game the player shall improve the stockpile in the initial world and have at least 5 dwarves.
After enhancement of the stockpile, the player shall apply the spell corresponding to the game mode which he wants to play (cooperative game or game against each other).
After opening of a portal game will begin search of other player. If the rival isn't found for some time, the player will be able to enter the biome alone and will play against the computer's NPCs.

I came into a biome. What's next?
Around your camp are placed some caves with boosters - weapon, armor, materials, potions, protective constructions. They are guarded by creatures. A room which you will find the first, will be the easiest for capture, subsequent will become complicated in proportion. You can dig to these rooms and try to capture them, or you can make the necessary things by yourself - everything depends on the strategy you’ve selected.
Between you and another player there is a treasure, it is also protected well. On the way to it the camp of elves is located.
Instead of the dwarves who died in a biome it is possible to call remaining dwarves from the initial world, but their summary quantity can't exceed 5.
After defeating the masters of a biome, it will be defined who from players made a bigger contribution to a victory and the winner will be awarded.

What is the difference between cooperative game and game against each other?
In cooperative game it is impossible to kill the rival's dwarves.
In cooperative game it is completely visible where there is other player do. In PvP game you only see icons of rival dwarves.
Loot from a chest shares according to a contribution of each player in case of cooperative passing. Otherwise the player which the first collected it - gets it.

What plans for further improvements for a multiplayer?
For an ice biome further tuning of balance for more interesting game is planned.
Calculation of player's rating for selection of the rivals who are most suitable each other.
Next we plan to release two more biomes for a multiplayer. It is planned that it will be the zombie factory and the spidery world.

Other changes in game which directly aren't related to a multiplayer:
The dead dwarves both in biomes and in the initial world can be revived now. For this purpose new construction Storage of Souls is required. The soul of the perished dwarf is visible in the equipment dialog and the player can decide which of dwarves it is desirable to revive, and which to release. Revival is executed by using of the appropriate elixir.

P.S. All saved games of the current alpha version, will be stored in the %appdata %\dekovir\crafttheworldmultiplayer\saves folder.


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