Author Topic: some suggestions maybe u will like it  (Read 868 times)


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some suggestions maybe u will like it
« on: 05 January 2016, 21:59:01 »
before anything thank you for the great game it is really really awesome thank you , here is some ideas may help you to improve the game , they are simple and maybe repeated from other games but i think that they will make this great game better ( sorry for the bad english , it is not my native language )  :
           -1- controlling which dwarve go to the mission ( which one go to cut that tree and which one go to fight that monster .... ) like this we will use dwarves specialties ( ex : chose the warrior one to go to fight and the carpenter  to make some new tools ... to improves their skills )
           -2- add mores tools and technologies because there are just few
           -3- make some technologies unavailable until u unlock them in the campaign mode
           -4- larger world
           -5- ability to sell tools
           -6- add more type of coins ( silver and bronze or anything else ) 
           -7- add quests and different missions to pass through the campaign ( kills bosses / craft some high-tech items .... )
           -8- improve the dwarves  controlling  system ( when decide to play with one of them )
           -9- add some missions u can do them with one dwarve ( have & controlling just one all the mission )
  i didn't play all the campaign so maybe some suggestion are already in the game
and again sorry for the bad english and thank you for this masterpiece


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Re: some suggestions maybe u will like it
« Reply #1 on: 19 January 2016, 11:50:26 »
Thank you very much for suggestions!