Author Topic: Reworks Dwarf's Skill  (Read 1228 times)


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Reworks Dwarf's Skill
« on: 19 August 2015, 12:29:55 »
I think the dwarves competency system must be reviewed. For there are several problems:

- The powers are not balanced. Some like the swimmer or the climber are rather useless. While others such as minor or combat skills are almost essential.
- The Dwarfs take too long to get better naturally.
- The use of books seems too simple and not very rewarding for the player.
- Add some new skill would be fun.

I propose a new skill system that would correct any problems.
First, I propose to allocate powers in 4 distinct groups:

1) Millitary: Warrior, Archer, Mage and Commander
- Commander (new): Gives a morale bonus dwarf adjacent to making them more effective in combat.

2) Worker: Blacksmith, Cook, Carpenter, Mill, Alchemist and Merchant
- Alchemist (new): An alchemist prepares potions using the alchemist's workshop.
- Merchant (new): allows the player to sell part of its resources to Grunt's workshop. The exchange rate varies depending on the levels of mastery of the skill.

3) Explorer: Fisherman, Hunter, Climber, (swimmer ??), runner and doctor.
- Runner (new): Allows the dwarf to move faster based on their skill level. Over the dwarf is fast, the faster it consumes food.
- Doctor (new): Used to treat injuries and disease (This assumes that a disabling injury or sickness system is implanted)

4) Minor: Minor generalist, Specializing Minor
- Minor general: average speed bonus on all mining block types.
- Specialized Minor (new): Requires choose a specialization (coal, iron, gold, silver, crystal, mytril). Give a big speed boost to the mining specialization and a slight bonus on all others. In addition to the dwarf a chance to gather more ore block on its specialization.

When a dwarf again is generated, this one is randomly affiliate has one of the 4 groups. The player can then choose ONE exclusive competence of the group. It becomes the main profession of the dwarf.
Whenever the dwarf gets 20 pts competence in its core business, players can teach a new skill in a different group. The dwarves can never get two skills in the same group.
The dwarves faster apprenent in their main job as their other skills.

This system involves the removal of skill books. Instead I suggest experience orbs that once collected can be spent by the player he pleases in any jurisdiction.

P.S : sorry for my english, i'm french. I used google trad to post this.
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Re: Reworks Dwarf's Skill
« Reply #1 on: 20 August 2015, 15:39:14 »
Your idea is good, but now we're working on multiplayer =) So we don't have enough time to moddify dwarf's skills now.


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Re: Reworks Dwarf's Skill
« Reply #2 on: 07 February 2016, 16:20:24 »
i basicly agree with the OP, but i don't like the idea to assign a skill group to each dwarf. the suggestions are good, but let each dwarf be able to learn each skill. i also dislike the idea of running skill - it would be too important. i do like commander, alchemist and merchant. i also like the idea to combine swimmer and climber to one skill.