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decorations, monsters, hidden rooms, useless items
« on: 07 February 2016, 16:45:39 »
i've played through the 4 campaign maps.

decoration is nice, but almost useless. i always only used what i had to make to advance the tech level. make it somehow more important. similar games have some sort of morale system that needs such things. for example the comfort level and distance of your bedroom could influence your fighting skill. or the comfort level where the food table stands could influence the time needed or effect of eating, or the time needed for crafting. this should not make the game easier (adjust initial values to be worse than now at least for high difficulty).

monsters are too repetitive. all similar games share this problem. make a new monster type that can come with monster waves and make monster waves more different (faster dig, climb, trap immunity, resistance to certain weapons or spells, and weaknesses too), or make underground goblins more active or give us some other new challenge. especially in the underground world i only have to fight when i choose to. one-time traps should be cheaper to build (or give more traps per build) or not be destroyed on use (just need to be replaced).

i never need items that i find in the underground rooms. improving the value of decoration would help with this. better would be to place a high end item in such rooms. let me find a silver sword early on if i defeat the guards! or give me a totem or a high end deco-item or bed. expendable items would also be an idea (potions, arrows, traps). anything special! it should be random of course - you get the idea.

especially bridges seem totally useless, mostly because you can fall off them. remove that feature from stone bridges and reduce chances for earlier bridges. climbing skill (at any level) should make bridges save (or at least alot safer) to use, that would also boost this (mostly useless) skill. i also never used roofs or statues and rarely walls - this may be because of my playing style (i don't build some funky outside fortresses). stone loopholes might be interesting if dwarves would actually use them.
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