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update the website
« on: 07 February 2016, 17:04:02 »
the subject says it all...
the buy link links to steam directly but it's now also on gog (maybe other platforms too?)
the community button tells about the brand new Update 1.0.006 and the road map there talks about 2014 (replace the Community page with a link to the forum?)
last entry on facebook is also from 2014. at least link the forum or website there.
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Re: update the website
« Reply #1 on: 29 February 2016, 23:51:46 »
+1 on this

For me seeing your facebook page last post is almost 2 years ago it makes people wonder is the game still actively worked on.

Post dev blogs, news, patch notes, future plans, competitions, video share funny moments, get the community active on social media and get this game the massive following it deserves.

Its truely a great game, seeing only 43 reviews on app store makes me think its not being found by people. This game couldeasily be one of the greats, the combination of minecraft, terraria, base building, base defence is all perfect.

I wish you well and hope this game gets the recognition it needs to become a household name like minecraft or terraria did. But to get there you need social media, you need updates often on the website, you need posts about planned features and ideas to get players excited.

I found this game by complete chance and its without a doubt the best game i own for my ipad but the number of reviews on ios doesn't reflect this.


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Re: update the website
« Reply #2 on: 02 March 2016, 14:58:56 »
Hi! Thank you for your suggestions, we are really appreciate such attention to our game.