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beginners suggestions
« on: 18 April 2016, 18:55:35 »
i played the last 4 days trought this game. but i need for a few things very long time to understand.

a) place totem: i do not understand, that i must drag drop it to menue list and then set it to the shelter.
         better would be, when the dwarfs set it by automatic, when the user build the first shelter with
         the first bed.
         next time, when the user order the dwarfes zu dismantle the totem,
         the user can see the totem in the list.

b)  food: is a problem, the recepties are a long way to search and the ingredients rare.
         bad too is when i need coal for cooking, when i have wood - please change this fast.
         the fishing comes to late, and need coal too.

c)  monster hordes: i have now 11 dwarfes on easy level and the monsters overrun my fortress,
         my dwarfes survives only becouse the day arrives and the mosters flee. please streatch the
         waves and lower the monsters.

d)    craft: the menue is too bulky, i wish more comfort for the user.
          give me a side list with all items i can expand when i need and easily take the thinks i need.
          in the items sidelist.
          i wish a add button for automatic creation things.
          when an object need sub-objects, then let this objects build automaticly.
          i build a object with planks, and i have no planks, then do this automatic in the buildorder,
          and produce this in the order it need.

e)    set object: i wish to set an un-produced object. the dwarfes build all sub-objects it need, and
          then they move it to the location i set bevor.

f)    i wish move the location-storage(portal) for the goods.

g)   i like chests use for dwarfes to put items in it with maximum volume of each.
          so i can expensive goods take in higher safe areas,
          or build deeper depots for earth.
          i can huge chambers build to store massive goods-chests.

h)   i miss the magic for my mage dwarf. he can nothing conjoure.

i)   the  governance for all dwarfes togehter fighting in the deep dungeon is no innovative.
        i have only two spells to use.

so ends my first imressions, i hope my english is not too bad.


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Re: beginners suggestions
« Reply #1 on: 20 April 2016, 16:08:05 »
Hi, thank you for your suggestion!