Author Topic: Missing world bug  (Read 1333 times)


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Missing world bug
« on: 26 April 2016, 08:17:36 »
I haven't seen this posted anywhere yet, but when I go to load a save, the game world doesn't seem to load (It is missing from the main menu screen as well).  The background is still there, and elements of the UI as well, but the actual game world does not load.  This only started a couple of days ago when I still had 1.1.010, one day before steam updated the game client to 1.2.010.

2011 MacBook Pro OSX 10.11.4
2.4 GHz i7
8g RAM
Intel HD graphics 3000 512mb / AMD Radeon 6770m 1024mb (graphics switching)


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Re: Missing world bug
« Reply #1 on: 05 May 2016, 12:58:45 »
Hi, there is some possibility that your save is broken, so you should delete (or just move them to another folder) and try to load the game once again.