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Multiplayer dwarf feast
« on: 05 July 2016, 19:22:49 »
Dear playing Friends, Dear Devs,
First of all I have to say that this game has had an amazing improvements lately, which I enjoy very much. The Devs have done an amazing work on the game and it has risen into a really high level.
I have an idea about a multiplayer option and I think that many people would enjoy something like that. It involves inviting a player to join your own fortress in your own world (if it would be possible). It all goes like this:
A dwarf tribe of one of the players is preparing for a large feast, so they invite another player and his tribe to come and visit them in their own castle, in their own world. The invited player brings some gifts from his own world to share with the host, and the host prepares as well, he cooks a lot of food and he brews a lot of beer to set the feast tables.
In the morning of the next day, the guests arrive through a portal. The dwarves greet each other, both player exchange their gifts (amount and type of items is chosen by the players themselves, at their own good will and generous heart). After that the feast begins. Both players have the chance to chat and socialize, while their dwarves eat and drink and sleep (when they get too drunk). But…
In midnight the forces of evil awaken by the noise of the party and come to crush it. Both players have to defend the host tribe’s fortress against powerful and many foes, coming through several portals, just like in the 45 min monster waves. Only doubled. The party soon turns into an epic battle in which both players take part. They have to survive the monster wave and keep the host’s fortress still standing till the morning. The players may set a difficulty level for the monster wave, before the whole thing starts.
When the battle is over, the dwarves greet the new day with a victorious cheer and a heavy hangover. Then the guests say goodbye and leave the host fortress after one day and one night. Both share the loot of the monster wave, which could drop some sweet unique items and a lot of xp for both of the players. Beside that both players have exchanged gifts and goodwill to each other.
Personally I think that the game would benefit a lot of the implementation of “The singing dwarves” suggestion, when the dwarves get to actually use all of their comfort items and locations – chairs, sofas, cabinets, books and bookshelves, and even sing when they don’t have any tasks. This would really improve the experience and the overall emotion and atmosphere, in my humble opinion.
I think that this type of multiplayer event will set a fast paced, yet still exciting multiplayer gameplay. Just 10 mins of a cooperative multiplayer game, but with all the action and adventure, as well as good loot. I wonder what do you guys think about that? Would you like to take part in such a dwarf feast?

Kind Regards!