Author Topic: Update 1.4.000_15 in open beta-test now!  (Read 2293 times)


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Update 1.4.000_15 in open beta-test now!
« on: 03 March 2017, 23:07:49 »
Update 1.4.000_15 in open beta-test now!

To take part in beta-test please open properties of the game in Steam-client and on the BETAS tab select the beta_open version and wait for the game update.

Attention! Saved games are stored separately for each version. To continue the old games, you will need to switch back to the main version.

In this beta you can try a new DLC - Dig with Friends.

DLC includes two modes separately from a single play: survival mode and creative mode up to 5 players simultaneously.

In survival mode players build shelter together and try to protect main stockpile from hordes of monsters from many portals.

Creative mode has no monsters and provides unlimited resources for building. In addition players can place spawn cubes to test their fortress.

Also you’ll find in DLC a new types of monsters.
Renewable ore veins will help you to build everything with no care of resources shortage.

Common stockpile allows players to share quickly items between each other.


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